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Sunday, August 13, 2017

travelling with my baby

Finn is 7 months old in a few days and so far he has been to the North Coast of Northern Ireland for two short breaks and to Mallorca for a week long holiday. Traveling with a baby is very different than traveling by yourself, and it requires a LOT of organisation, planning and covering all bases. Basically you need to pack everything you think you might need for your baby with about three items of clothing stuffed in for yourself.
In the beginning I was really worried about traveling with Finn especially on a plane. It turned out to be no problem at all however, and he was so great both on the flight and for the entire week away despite blazing hot weather and having to sleeping in a travel cot.

Having survived my first baby holiday, I thought Id share some of the tips I learned along the way. Hopefully these will be useful whether you are going away for one night, a week or longer.

travelling with a baby travelling abroad with a baby

~ MAKE LISTS. With a baby, especially if you are formula feeding, there are some items you cant pack until the very last minute like your bottle brush or sterliser. I found it useful to make lists of things to pack including items that could be packed a week or two before hand and items that couldnt be packed until the night before or an hour before we left.
~ STOCK UP on all essential medicines - calpol, teething powders, nappy rash cream. Yes you can get these things abroad but I found for my peace of mind it was better just to bring them with me.
~ If traveling on a plane buy calpol sachets that you can take on the plane with you, these also save room and weight in your bag.
~ PACK important items, Finn has a teddy he loves to sleep with and some music he listens to in the bath and when getting ready for bed. We made sure to bring these with us to keep some of his routine and comfort in place in case he was put off his sleep. I also packed cot sheets even though our villa had some available as I wanted him to be sleeping on something familiar to him.
~ RESEARCH where you are staying. We had rented a villa in Mallorca and had checked things like washing machine, microwave but it didnt have a bath and the sinks were too small to bath Finn in. In the end we had to make do with the shower with one of us getting in with him which was slightly awkward at the beginning. Also, if formula feeding, check what the advice is about water - we were told not to use the tap water for bottles but to use specific bottled water that was low in minerals. Before we left I looked into which supermarkets in the area stocked this so I could get them as soon as we arrived.
~ PACK LIGHT BUT RIGHT. I ended up packing way too many outfits for Finn because in reality he was in vests and swim nappies most of the time. One thing I was glad of was the assortment of clothes I brought for him to sleep in. It was hot at night but then the air conditioning made the rooms cool. It took a night or two and some mid-night changes to get him to the right temperature and I was so glad I brought a range of short sleeve vests, long sleeve vests and baby grows to pick and chose from during the twilight hours.
~ BRING A BUGGY OR PRAM. We debated this a lot as, whilst we knew we needed a car seat, bringing anything else on top of our suitcases seemed like too much! In the end I was so pleased that we wrestled a pram onto the plane as Finn liked nothing better than being taken for walks and looking about him or going for a doze with the sea air to keep him cool.

Since returning from holiday, The Baby Jogger City Tour has been really great for trips away and the odd shopping venture into Belfast city centre. It folds up so small that it can fit in an overhead locker on a plane (!) and is just so handy in my tiny Nissan Mirca when Im out and about at home and space is an issue. Its light and easy to fold down and pop up and can easily be steered one handed if you are carrying bags. However what I love most (bar the colour!) is that I can adjust the angle at which Finn sits. If he falls asleep or seems tired I can tilt him back and make him more comfortable. If he wants to look out I can sit him up right. I was unsure about having him front facing at first in case he didnt like not seeing me, but he loves looking around him and kicking his legs!
~ COMING HOME. I found it really useful to pack all unworn or unused items in one suitcase and all items to be washed in another and putting all essential items on top so we could get them quickly if we needed to without rooting through everything.

baby in the city baby friendly holidaysSo enough of my rambling here is a little list of my essential items for traveling abroad with a baby. I hope it comes in useful for some of you!
~Assortment of vests and baby grows, shorts & linen clothing
~Nappies & swim nappies (x3 per day for the pool/sea) *yes you can buy nappies out there but if you want pampers then be prepared to pay a lot more than you would at home.
~Medicines - calpol, baby nurofen, teething powders, sudocream, nappy rash cream, Anbesol, eye drops, baby suncream.
~Mosquito net
~Baby fan, a fan that clipped on to our buggy which was lent to us by a friend was a god send when temperatures peaked during the day.
~Large muslin squares- to set on the ground to drape over Finns legs to keep the sun off.. literally used for everything and anything.
~ Sun hat & baby sunglasses
~ Hooded towels
~ Large changing bag
~ Bottles, bottle brush, sterilizer, formula, instant formula bottles
~ Pram/Buggy
-Pram bag to protect on plane
~ soft toy or favourite toys
~ Cot sheets
~ Bibs
~ Fairy detergent
~ Swim outfit & hat
~ Car seat
~ Multiple outfits, bottles, toys for the plane journey
~ Dummies
~ Hairbrush
~ Baby toothbrush
~ one jumper in it got cool at night
~ Monitor & adapter plugs
~ Music & white noise app
~ blanket
~ Paddling pool ( we didnt have a pool at our villa so this was great on the balcony)
~ Swim ring 

baby jogger review mummy blogger ukAnd there you have it, my list and tips for traveling with a baby. If anyone is considering going away with a baby my advice would be go for it! Packing is grim but so worth it! Go before they can walk or crawl and you do manage to enjoy yourself and get to read a book and relax yourselves.
Luckily we went away when Finn was 5 months and not yet weaning otherwise that wouldve added a whole new dimension of things to bring!
So to summarise yes you need a lot of stuff when traveling with a baby or toddler or children in general (I can only imagine) but if you are well organised it can be amazing and the memories and photos we have from all travels big or small always make me smile and I cant wait to tell Finn all about them when he is older.

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  4. These are very helpful advices, thanks for your work to write it down! I make different lists for different times, too. It is really helpul for not forgetting the most important things you need untill the last second at home. I am also one of these formula feeders and know what work it is to travel with a little child. But I think the more experience you gain the better it works. :)

    Hugs, Wendy

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