Living with Rosacea...

skincare-treatment-for-red-I have never mentioned the fact that I suffer from the skin condition Rosacea on my blog. It's something I have never wanted to talk about or to point out to people, and it doesnt even affect me as much as it did when I was in my early twenties.

Rosacea is,  as best described by the National Rosacea Society, is a "chronic and potentially life disrupting disorder of the facial skin characterized by flare ups and remissions." It is a condition usually affecting people over the age of 30, but I have suffered with it from the age of 16. It is something that massively affected my confidence and in many ways controlled my life. At the though of house parties and sleepovers I would immediately panic - "I dont have my make up removers & face creams with me...." "...I cant let people see me with no make up on..." etc. Most of the time, when I did stay away from home, I'd make sure I was up early enough to get ready and apply my make up before anyone else was up. At times I thought it was stupid but I couldnt help it - not least because whenever people did see me with no make up they asked if I was sun burned or if I'd had too much to drink the night before!

Of course, my Rosacea is by no means a serious case and alot of people suffer much worse than me. Mine affects my nose, chin and a small patch on either side of my nose, turning all of these areas a permanent pink. Sometimes these areas are pale and unnoticeable, but sometimes they are a strong red and harder to hide. Having suffered with this for over ten years however, I do know what helps and what hinders so I thought id share my tips and tricks on here, just in case it helps other sufferers or any other people with sensitive skin.

skincare-for-rosaceaProducts I couldn't do without:

I use La Roche Posay Anti Redness Moisturiser every day - this dramatically improved my skin texture and colour and since using it the rosey areas of my skin are a lot less noticeable. At the same time I find that I'm also less prone to break outs.

Next, although a lot of moisturisers break me out or anger my skin, Mario Badescu products have always worked wonders and I use their Collagen Moisturiser as a light moisturiser.

With the type of rosacea I suffer from,  I can also get severe acne breakouts. When this happens I use La Roche Posay Rosaliac Ar Intense to calm my skin and help it recover. For the odd spot or angry red skin I simply dust on Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder under my foundation.

Over the years I've also learnt not to drink too much alcohol, to avoid spicy foods, to avoid extreme changes in temperatures and, most importantly to avoid Stress. Being stressed, I think, badly affects everyone but it dramatically changes my skin almost over night.

So there you have it. I hope by sharing this post on my blog I can help some people, either by introducing a product they hadn't otherwise heard of (Ive tried and tested ALOT over the years!) or by just sharing my experiences & issues with the condition. If anyone wants to email me about to talk further about it please do at the.magpiegirl@gmail.com.

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Sweet Sunday: Raspberry Almond Cake

raspberry-almond-cake-recipIve been wanting to include more recipes on the blog for a long time, Ive even had a few sweet recipes photographed and saved on my laptop for a while now. So Im now hoping to every Sunday (or every other Sunday?) share a recipe either under the heading Sweet Sunday or Savoury Sunday.

So to start with here is a very simple and tasty recipe for an almond and raspberry cake otherwise known as a Bakewell Cake.

lifestyle-fashion-blogYou will need:
140g ground almonds
140g butter
140g golden caster sugar
140g self raising flour
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
250g raspberries
icing sugar to dust over at the end.
step-by-step-cake-recipePreheat oven to 180 degrees.
Grease a 20cm loose bottom cake tin, and mix with a hand whisk the almonds, sugar, butter, flour, eggs and vanilla extract. Mix until smooth and evenly mixed.

cooking-baking-food-blogSpread half the mix over the cake tin and smooth the top. Scatter over the raspberries then dollop on the rest of the mix and smooth down with a spoon.

easy-cake-recipeBake in the oven for 50 mins, my oven temp can be temperamental so I like to rotate my cake a few times during baking. Cool on a cooling rack, dust with icing sugar and devour! :)
So there you have it, pretty easy but oh so tasty! Hope you guys like this idea of a little feature on my blog. Let me know if there are any recipes you would like me to tackle or share! xx

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My Wedding: the venue, the decor, the food...

Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-454One of the reasons why Dave & I chose our wedding venue was because of its amazing photo locations. Lets face it, we live in Ireland one of the wettest countries and we knew rain could well be an uninvited guest at our wedding, so having beautiful gardens wasnt enough for us.
Larchfield had a series of old barns ans stables, enclosed courtyards and this amazing old greenhouse (shown above) that meant we could still have gorgeous photos even when it was raining.

Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-507The venue was spilt into three areas inside, when you first walk in the doors you are in a small marquee area which we used a reception area. Then you continue through to a casual bar area with sofas and little tables. The main room is closed behind a curtain until the big reveal. lol. You step down into this barn shown above. We had a curtain of lights placed behind our oval top table on the right & fairy lights on all the little tree branches. Then my mum, friend Debra & I made these ribbon chandeliers to hang from the ceiling.

Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-468The other end of the barn looked like this, with a dancefloor and these AMAZING light up letters that I just loved provided by the ever so lovely Electric Alphabet.

Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-320 Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-325I wanted a casual feel to my flowers and didnt want fussy or formal arrangements so I opted for a collection of random vases on every table. On the bar, in the marquee, everywhere I could I put flowers! My mum sourced these amazing half wine bottle vases in blue and green & we mixed them with a slighter bigger set of vases we bought from Next.

Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-343Our table names were all dog breeds and I used my friends and families dogs on polaroids for each table. I then out each owner at their dogs table, which made my table plan that little bit harder to organise!

Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-346 Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-510For place settings we used cardboard luggage labels tied to each chair. I trimmed them with washi tape that matched our invites. One side had the guests name and the other side had a stamp of our initials and date which I had made on etsy.

Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-508Our wedding menu I just made myself, using the graphics I had made for our wedding invites & save the dates. Our food was soooo amazing, I wish I could go back and eat it all again! Dave being vegetarian opted for a different main course of hot pot puy lentils with roasted seasonal veg, smoked potato & maple carrots. Yum!

Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-509Our wedding favours were little boxes of matches with the wording:
Vicki & Dave, The Perfect Match, May 8, 2014.
We had sparklers at the end of the night to send us off with so we thought matches would be handy for everyone to have!
Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-323Another thing I wanted to share was our guest book, we didnt have one. Instead we had an American style post box for cards and an envelope wall and postcards for people to write messages on. We filled in things like advice for the groom, advice for the bride, favourite part of the day... that way people would write different things and we wouldnt get 100 of the same messages wishing us a life time of happiness.
Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-324 Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-318 Outside in the courtyard we had a signpost with signs leading guests to the barn, the gardens, the car park. Our lovely friend Paul made it for us.
Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-331 Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-612Our table plan was an idea I took from pinterest. Dave & I took an old door and sanded it to give it a rough distressed affect. I strung coloured twine across it and attached each table card with little clothes pegs and a polaroid of the dog whos table they'd be sitting at.

Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-428So there you have it, Dave & I's wedding from beginning to end. We had such a fantastic day and I have loved sharing all the little details of the day with you guys on my blog. I hope you have enjoyed my wedding posts, thank you for all your lovely messages and comment on here and instagram. They were so lovely to read through with Dave! :) xx

Venue; Larchfield Estate
Photographer; Campbell Photography
Wedding Invitations and graphics: Jordyluxe Esty
V&D Letters: c/o Electric Alphabet
Wedding Dress: Petticoat Lane
Caterer: Yellow Door
Bunting, ribbon chandeliers, ribbon streamers, envelope wall: All hand made.
Polaroids c/o Printic
Flowers by my fabulous mum. xx

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When the harvest comes...

come-the-harvestI thought id break up the weddings posts with a little outfit post, I havent done one in sooo long! I cant believe its now September and autumn is well and truly here. The tights are back on a little earlier than I would have liked but I do love the autumnal colour palette the best...
What's your favourite season? Any colour palette that your excited for this autumn?

top-style-uk-blog irish-style-fashion-blog top-uk-fashion-lifestyle-bl Dress: Asos, Cardy: H&M, Tights: Asos, Bag c/o Nica, Glasses c/o Swag & Stare.

The lovely people at Nica gifted me with the lovely cross body bag in colour blue haze and I LOVE it! Ive literally been using it every day since I got it. I just love the colour and the narrow sleek shape. And now one you guys gets the chance to win one!!
For your chance to win the bag, follow @NicaHandbags on facebook and answer this question in the comments section below. Where was the senior design Nica Kim born? Hint here!

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