My Wedding...The dress, the suits, the bridesmaids...

Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-540Yay Im so excited to share these photos with you guys, this is the first installment of my wedding posts detailing Dave & I's very special day. I dunno why it has taken me so long to share these photos on here, I guess I was nervous? So here goes.. Dave & I tied the knot after almost 6 years together on the 8th May this year. I was so nervous I dont remember walking down the aisle...
I thought id break the day down into key elements and share them over a few posts instead of posting like 20 images all at once!

Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-136This was my dress, aint she pretty? Originally it was meant to be a strapless sweetheart neckline dress but I had the capped lace sleeves made and added on. The entire bodice is covered in little glass beads and pleated lace. The satin ribbon around the middle was a lovely taupe mushroom colour with a heavy set vintage style beaded motif in the centre. I had it stitched into a bow with long tails at the back so it wouldnt slip or come undone on the day. The under layer was champagne colour but the lace on top was an off white so the overall colour appeared like a warm white. The entire dress was covered in a fine embroidered lace and heavily beaded around the bottom with a slight fish tail and long train. Which made dancing a little tricky but totally worth it!

Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-176I never thought Id be a veil person, it wasnt something Id considered but when trying on & deciding on my dress I tried a few out. I mean you gotta try them? I fell in love with this very simple sheer soft tulle extra long veil. It let the light through so you could still see all the detail on the back of my dress & was very unstructured and soft like my dress. I wore it pinned in low at my neck so you only really noticed it from behind.

Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-39Now on to the boys: Dave wanted a three piece suit but neither of us wanted tails or anything too formal. We wanted something relaxed and more in keeping with our day. We were both keen to keep Dave in the spotlight so we opted for him to be in a completely different suit so he would stand out. Dave chose a three piece in a blue grey that we bought which is great cause then he can wear it again. For the rest of the guys we picked and bought two piece navy suits and then rented dove grey wool waistcoats to be worn underneath. The ties were a pink and navy blue weave.

Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-389 Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-165My bridesmaids dresses were nothing like what I had originally planned. Id had this idea of a capped flowly sleeved dress with a deep v neck and in a coral colour. I ended up with these beautiful dresses which were a two tone blush pink brushed chiffon with a series of pleats on one side from neckline to hem & an ivory band. I bought my bridesmaids little heart necklace charms one in gold, one in rose gold and one in silver so they would all be the same but slightly different.

Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-366 Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-22Shoes were something I found really hard to pick, I looked at countless white satin wedding-esque shoes and hated them all! In the end I opted for these gold metallic shoes with a gold heel by Dune. I picked a similar style for my bridesmaids.
Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-179Yay my mum and dad are on the blog! I think this might be a first?! How amazing do they both look?! My dad in his uber cool cobalt blue glasses and my mum in her one of a kind outfit that she had specially made by a local Irish designer.
Campbell_Photography_V&D_Blog-116And well thats it for the first of my wedding posts, I hope you guys like what I shared. We had such an amazing day it feels like a weird dream looking back on the photos. If only we could go back and do it all again! xx

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New in my home...

home-decor-interiors-blogYup its another home post, I know Im kinda obsessed! I wanted to share with you guys a little gem for home furniture and accessories at affordable prices- Asda! I would never have thought of looking at Asda for home items. There isn't a store anywhere near me so it would always get over looked but checking them out online they have some amazing things!

lifestyle-uk-blogI have always wanted one of these knitted pouffe foot stools but dismissed them as they tend to be pretty pricey. Habitat have a nice one but at just under £100 its not something I could justify. This little beauty was a bargain at £39!

decorating-a-rented-propert scandinavian-home-accesorieI also picked up these cute house candle holders which I think have a Scandinavian feel to them. I think they will look lovely lit up at Christmas time. Another bargain at £12 for a set of 3.

decorating-your-homeOther little things I picked up on my Asda trip were these little mushroom ornaments and this cute fox doorstop.
What do you guys think of my purchases? Would you shop in Asda for homewares? Have you any little gems that I should check out for home accessories, be sure to leave me a comment below! :) xx

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Magpie Girl & Ikea's A to ZZZ's Project

I love Ikea, I could spend a whole day (much to Dave's dismay) wondering around imagining that I own everything in store. I devour the catalogue every time it comes out, I mean it has some awesome stuff at prices I can actually afford. yay! So when Ikea contacted me about their new Wonderful Every Day campaign  & asked would I like to take part I of course said hell yes!
The focus is on making a better life at home first thing in the morning and last thing at night. By looking at what causes stress & irritability and finding Ikea ways to fix them.
Ikea asked me to keep a journal for a week. Listing what causes me stress and anxiety or lack of sleep in and around my bedroom and bathroom. Then reporting back to Ikea to find solutions to help.

Im off to Ikea this weekend to meet with the marketing team to see what ideas they have come up with to help my make my days more wonderful! Here are some of the issues I listed in my journal:
Issue 1. I usually wake through the night due to an comfortable nights sleep on my soft as a sponge mattress, which doesnt bode for the best start to the day!
Issue 2. Dash to get ready in the morning involves tripping over my shoes which are lined up along the bedroom floor due to lack of storage space.
Issue 3. Yet another storage problem with an overflowing wardrobe, I can never find what Im looking for!

I will be sure to let you guys know what tips and products they come up with to help me with my issues. Until then I thought id share with you guys some photos of my favourite Ikea products (shown above) already in my home.
Pendel Clock, Mint & Pink Brakig Chairs, Raskog Kitchen Trolley.

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Fall 14 Favourites...

fall-14-favourites1 Pleated Skirt, Monochrome Top, Paris Sweater, Monochrome Knit Cardy, Checked Scarf, Pastel Clutch, Silver Pointed Pumps.

This is my favourite time of year, between summer and autumn. The new trends start to drop and fresh new looks are everywhere. Ive been window shopping all the high street stores and my favourite is Next which usually wouldnt be my first port of call except for boots. Metallics, monochrome and winter pastels are the pieces that have me drooling the most! Above is my wardrobe winter wishlist.

fall-14-favourites Shirt, Checked Coat, Crepe Shift Dress, Croc Boots, Mini Bag, Metallic Skirt, Knit Pom Pom Hat.

Other pretty pieces that I want need to make my winter chic! What high street shops have your attention this winter? What trends are you favouring?

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