Big News!!

home-decor-blog Yay! Dave & I got the keys to our very own home on Friday! After 5 months of waiting for house No.1 which fell through at the very last minute. Then a further 3 months of waiting on this house we are so excited to finally get stuck in and make the place our own! We are both super busy with work & Im out of the country for 2 weeks with work in August so its gonna be kinda hectic unpacking, painting, blogging but I promise Ill do my best to keep my little blog updated. So please dont forget about me & keep visiting the Magpie Girl!

grid-life-magpiegirl So I thought Id share a little Grid Life image in this post too, a compilation of my photos recently...

Packing boxes for our move, just boxes of pugs. What else could a girl need?
Bed hair selfie
View from our new kitchen window!
Pink roses and open toes sandals
Starbucks cold coffee addiction grows out of control...
Pretty little house warming frame complete with a photo from our wedding day.
Building Ikea furniture with cups of tea & youtube 90's playlists
Surprise 60th party for my dad :)
Spending 36 fleeting hours with my sister Sophie before she jets back to the USA
Bathtub Gin, the gin of champions.
Selfies with Chomper, a weekly essential.

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Red hair & rust coloured fields...

ootd-wiwt-blogLast weekend was spent building Ikea furniture, up-cycling some second hand pieces and picking up an original ercol chair from gumtree.. all in preparation for us (finally/hopefully) getting the keys to our new house this Friday! Eeep! We dont plan to move in until next week as this weekend my sister is home for a brief 36hrs from America for the first time in over a year and we plan to chill in my parents home and just be a family...
But hopefully over the next few months Ill be able to share a lot more home decor, DIYs and before and after shots as we gradually do up our house to make it a home.

lifestyle-fashion-blogger uk-style-blog magpie-girl redhead-style-bloggerHow awesome is this field?! Its just behind my parents house, when I was growing up we use to use it for our horses but now its laying empty and over grown with docks (a common type of weed in the UK.) Currently in flower the docks are these cool rust red colours and I couldnt resist shooting some photos beside them.

irish-countryside-blog hm-shirt-dressDress: H&M
Belt: vintage
Sandals: Rebel London
Rose Gold Necklace c/o Argento 
Glasses c/o Swag & Stare

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Bare Legs & Bicycles...

summer-dresses-and-bicyclesI do love a good bike ride, especially when the weather is warm. I can pop on a summer dress and nip out on my little retro bike sometimes with Chomper Dave's Yorkshire terrier in my basket. This bike is great for short journeys or flat roads but its pretty damn heavy so on longer trips I tend to steal one of my dads road bikes... but they dont look as pretty in photographs!
fashion-style-uk-blog how-to-style-a-denim-jacket lifestyle-blog home-lifestyle-blog irish-fashion-blog
Denim Jacket: Cristina Gavioli
Dress c/o Max C London
Belt: Jarlo
Flats: Forever 21
Watch: Casio

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Grid Life // Selfies...

selfish-selfiesAs a style/fashion blogger its natural that you take a lot of selfies, especially for the likes of instagram. Love or hate her Im sure everyone has heard of Kim Kardashian's new book featuring a whooping 352 pages of selfies! It made me think about how many photos I take of myself...

My ratio of selfies to other photos on my instagram is actually pretty low compared to most but I thought it would fun to share all the selfies I have shared over the past 6 months in this little grid format. Its fun to see the array of glasses, head tilts and various shades of my red hair!

So Ive decided to make this little Grid Life a regular feature on my blog, sharing the latest photos from my instagram or a focus of images like this selfie one. Let me know if you'd like to see anything in particular! Maybe a pug one next? Featuring all the photos of my pugs over the last while!

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