Make up talk from a non beauty blogger...


Awhile back I asked you guys for advice on blog post ideas that wouldn’t involve me needing  my trusty blog photographer and husband Dave. A couple of people suggested a make up routine post, now Im by no means an expert. I read beauty blogs, they are the experts but then I thought it might be nice to know how an average girl does her make up in the morning. Someone who doesn’t have 6 different foundations for each climate/occasion or every mac lipstick shade available.

So here goes! In the morning before I go to work I can have my complete make up routine done in 7 minutes.
make-up-essentialsI start with a thin layer of foundation- No7 Stay Perfect shade-warm ivory, then I build it up a little in areas with blemishes. I have got concealer but very rarely use it. My current foundation brush is from H&M but I’m not fussy with my make-up brushes (you can find many online at Tesco Direct) I have some from here and a selection from Boots & Debenhams.

For my eyes I apply a base colour alternating between Stila Kitten, Mac Retrospeck & Mac frost then I create a smokey eye with the Naked 2 palette which is my all time favourite palette!
A lick of smaskbox mascara and a swipe of stila eyeshadow in sunset in my brows to fill them in and my eyes are done.


Then I apply a layer of Rimmel stay matt powder in peach glow to set my foundation and for a little extra coverage.
For my cheeks I have a couple of blushers I love and usually just rotate them depending on what colours Im wearing or which one is the first one I come across in a rush! No7 pop & glow crème blush in shade mango sorbet, Mac matt blush in shade lovecloud or Soap & Glory peach party. Lastly I put a little Mac Pigment powder in colour naked as a highlighter down my nose and across my cheeks and that’s it folks Im ready to go!
Not the most complex of routines but it works for me and its quick and easy to achieve. Id love to hear your make up essentials or how long it takes you to get ready in the morning!

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My Living Room Ideas...


This week Dave & I put pen to paper and signed the contract for our new house... and if everything goes to plan in a month or two we will be home owners. Yay! The owners of a brand new house, a complete blank slate. Which is soooo exciting and also a little terrifying. I have been dying to put my stamp on a property for the longest time and actually owning this house will mean we can literally do whatever want.
Ive been trying to build up ideas of what I want, imagining each room and its function and creating little mood boards. The last thing I wanna do is go in gung ho and decorate or buy items and then realise they dont match our style or the room as a whole.
In this post I thought Id focus on the living room, which is a room we so far have not one stick of furniture for. My initial idea is pale grey walls, graphic print cushions and colourful chairs and sofas hopefully with a retro teak sideboard (if I can ever find one in my price budget) & a gallery wall of prints and photos...
These are some of the pieces currently on my wishlist, mixing pastels, greys and acid yellows seems to be a recurring theme!
Sofa: M&S Loft Collection, Cushion: H&M, Metal Container: H&M, Grey Chair: Ikea,
Lanterns: Next, Cushion: Next, Coffee Table: Ikea, Ceiling Light: Next, Candlesticks: Northlight Homestore.

 I have no idea what my overall interior style is, Dave says its eclectic. It doesnt really fit into one box. I love a little bit of country rustic, modern Scandinavian and some retro pieces thrown in for good measure. I just hope when we do put everything together its a good mishmash of styles and not a hot mess!
How do you go about decorating a room? Any tips or hints for me to help me along my novice way?

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I wish that I could be like the cool kids...

interior-and-lifestyle-blogWhile attempting to take these photos it was raining and blowing a gale. Trying to look casual and relaxed in strong winds and rain isn't easy especially when for half the photos your hair is standing straight up on end like some kind of ginger bart simpson... Oh so stylish!

top-style-blog-uk fashion-blog-uk winter-outfit-of-the-day
Ive had the song Cool Kids by Echosmith stuck in my head for the past two days (hence the title of this post) - its been going round and round in my mind. It got me thinking about school and how I never really fitted in with the cool kids. I remember this sometimes being an issue when I was younger; how i'd want to wear what everyone else was wearing, be into whatever was the cool thing to be into. Then around the age of 16 I stopped caring what other people liked, what was considered cool & I was just. me. I was at my 10 year high school reunion a while back and a guy who was in my class came up to me and said oh I hear you're a fashionista now. It made me laugh, I never thought of myself as trendy or cool ever, because now the cool kids are some of the bloggers I read daily & as much as I hate it I compare myself & my blog to them.
I need to take some tips from 16 yr old me who stopped caring about what others were up to and just get back to focusing on being me, because according to that guy from my school some people already think Im a fashionista and thats good enough for me. leopard-print-coat
what-to-wear-if-your-a-redhCoat: Forever 21, Jumper: Forever 21, Shirt c/o Sojeans, Jeans: Topshop, Boots c/o UGG, Necklace: H&M.

'Cool to me is being unique, and being someone you want to be.' Echosmith

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Book Review: The Great Interior Design Challenge Sourcebook.

great-interior-design-challI recently instagrammed a photo of this book that Dave got me for Christmas & a couple of people asked me if it was any good. So I thought a little book review was in order.
For anyone who didnt see it on tv, The Great Interior Design Challenge was a show on BBC 2 searching for the best amateur interior designers and each week three would compete against each to decorate similar rooms in different properties to a brief with the home owners. I was hooked! Some of the epsiodes and designers were far better than others but with my own blank canvas home circling my mind it was great for ideas & the book is no different!

uk-craft-diy-fashion-blogge blog-book-review1The book is broken down into different sections from internal lighting, floors, colour, exteriors, types of fireplace and then also divided into sections for each room within your home. It goes into plenty of detail and has a way of not pushing any particular style on the reader. Instead it asks you to reflect on what matters to you in your home and encourages you to find your own style and décor, that there is no right or wrong way to decorate.
The layout of the book is really beautiful with a nice mix of stunning photography of inspiring homes, text and illustrations no one page is dull or skip worthy.

lifestyle-and-fashion-bloggI would thoroughly recommend this book, it would be a great gift and makes an excellent coffee table book but its also incredibly useful as well as beautiful. If you are buying a new home or renovating a room this book would be great for ideas and advice!

Hope you guys like my little review, I thought maybe Id do it again with more coffee table-esque books and maybe some fiction novels too? Let me know what you think or if you've read this book did you like it?

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