Sweet Sunday: Wild Blackberry Buns

how-to-make-blackberry-bunsOk so its not technically Sunday but Shhhh dont tell anyone. Moving out of our house this weekend proved more work and effort than I expected and blogging went completely out of my head!
This time of year is my favourite time for cooking and baking. Stews, oven bakes and berry cakes are my favourite winter warmers. So when UGG Australia asked me to put together a recipe for a 'Feels Like Home' winter treat I jumped at the chance & knew exactly what I wanted to share.

You will need:

110g Butter
110g sugar
2 free range eggs, beaten
1 tsp vanilla extract
110g self raising flour
2 tbsp milk
A large handful of blackberries (I hand picked all my blackberries from the hedgerows of the countryside where I live, you can do this too or store bought blackberries work just as well.)
Preheat your oven to 180oC and line your cupcake tins with paper cases. Then cream your butter and sugar in a bowl with a mixer until pale in colour. Beat in your eggs little at a time and add the vanilla extract.
Fold in the flour with a large metal spoon and add the milk to help make the mixture smooth in consistency.
Make sure your blackberries are well washed, then mash in a bowl to create a rough pulp mixture. Then empty into your cupcake mixture and mix together. Tip the mix into the paper cases and fill ¾ full leaving room for the cupcakes to rise in the oven without spilling over the top.
Bake for 8-10 minutes until golden brown, remove and place on a cooling rack for 10 minutes. Serve with hot apple cider and sit in front of an open fire. A perfect way to spend a November afternoon.

baking-blackberry-buns1 You can also see my full recipe on the UGG site here. 

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Sun, sea, sand & a lot of cocktails...

So Im back from sunny Mexico! Our honeymoon was just amazing, we had the best time! I will be doing a little Mexico travel diary post soon showing all our touristy photos. I didnt take many outfit photos while I was away for two reasons, it got dark at about 5pm at which point I was on the beach with half the beach in my hair and nothing but a bikini on. Also it was Dave's honeymoon too and I really just wanted us to relax and enjoy the time together not thinking about anything from home.

These were the first photos I took, look at those pasty white legs! I hadnt meant to leave my blog without any fresh content for so long. Unfortunately a week before we left for Mexico we found out our landlord is selling our house and we need to move out. So I have been and will be for the next 10 days running round like a headless chicken trying to pack up my entire life.

redhead-blogger style-blog-uk-1 winter-sun-outfitDenim Jacket: Cristina Gavioli, T-shirt: River Island, Linen Shorts: Asos, Flatform sandals c/o Tamaris, Sunglasses c/o Cheap Monday.

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Halloween DIYs to try at home...

halloween-diys-1Apart from Christmas Halloween is my favourite time of year. The trees change colour, the nights get darker...Talk of costume parties, carving pumpkins and collecting conkers replace the barbeques and ice lollies of the summer months. I just love atmosphere, the ghost stories, the fire works, the parties its such a fun time of year! I usually like to do a bit of DIYing myself around this time but with flying off to Mexico this Saturday I just havent had time. Instead I thought Id share my favourite Halloween DIYs that you should definitely give a go!
Clockwise from top left:
39 New ways to decorate a pumpkin.
A bat mobile, no house is complete with out one of these I think!
Spooky nail art by Burkatron
 Blood Splatter Cookies, simple but so effective.
Pumpkin Cinnamon and Apple Spiced Sangria, eh yum!

Whats your favourite thing about this time of year? xx

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How Ikea changed my home...

decorating-with-ikeaA few months ago I wrote a post about working with Ikea on their upcoming project, on improving  mornings and nights around the house. Making getting ready for your day less stressful and more orgainsed. They asked me to keep a journal for a week on what things affect my sleep, my mornings and my evenings. Here is what I reported back to them: My main issue was sleep on an uncomfortable broken sprung mattress meant a relaxing nights sleep almost never happened. My second issue spread across different areas of my home- storage. I had no room in my wardrobe for anymore hanging space which lead to most mornings grabbing the first thing I could grasp and prise out. Storage of jewellery, make up and bathroom stuff was also an issue. Here were their solutions!

ikea-essentialsFirstly they tackled my bad nights sleep with a memory foam topped mattress, now I am toasty warm and not scared off rolling out of the bed on a dodgey spring! To tackled my bulging wardrobe issue they hooked me up with these super slim hangers that take up half the space of a normal hanger. These literally changed my mornings! For my jewellery I picked out these 3 in one boxes, theyre even pretty so I keep them out on display. For my bathroom they suggested a storage trunk, I opted for this one in white which matched the rest of bathroom. I store all my spare towels and extra toiletries inside. For my make up I got these nifty little perspex boxes, meaning I can sort my make up out into categories. (is it sad that kind of organisation excites me?!) Lastly not included on my list I had been searching for a laundry bin that wasnt an eye sore in my bedroom so when I spotted this one I knew it was essential!
So a special thank you to Ikea for helping me improve my days by implementing just a few key items which made a big difference. What items around your house organise your life that you couldnt live without?

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