My must watch TV shows...

must see tv seriesWhen the weather outside is icy and cold and the ground is covered in snow, there are two things you can do. No 1. Build a snowman (while imagining the Frozen soundtrack is playing in the background obviously!) No 2. Curl up inside on the sofa with a comfy blanket and some hot popcorn and a great TV show.
In case dancing in the snow isn't your thing, I thought Id share my current favourite shows with you guys..

#1 Heartless - a Danish subtitle series currently available online on 4od, I got hooked on this a few weeks ago and have just consumed the entire first season. The story is set around orphaned twins Sofie & Sebastian who are some kind of supernatural humans who survive by sucking the soul/energy out of other people. Unsure who or what they are, they set out to find out who their mother is and why they are unable to just be normal teenagers. It is so so good. Its a little darker and more abstract than other supernatural series I have watched which have always tended to be US based shows, Heartless is a lot less squeaky clean.

popcorn and movies 
#2 Utopia - Brought out in 2013, this may be a show you have already heard of or seen, if not it is definitely worth a watch! Its classed as a Mystery/Drama/Sci-fi which is pretty accurate, its all about a graphic novel that holds creepy secrets about the government and science experiments conducted in the 1970's on going into present day. It follows a group of misfits who get caught up in a series of disasters and deaths after finding out the true meaning behind the comic. Twisted, intense, shocking and full of conspiracy.

netflix and chill 
#3 Jessica Jones - a Netflix original based on the superhero character from Marvel comics. This is one I didnt think would appeal to me as Im not a huge Marvel comics fan bar Iron Man, but after half an episode, scratch that after ten minutes I was pretty much obsessed. Main character Jessica is clearly very gifted as a PI, with super human strength and a troubled past which plagues her with nightmares. But in the first episode you see she cant out run her past and her previous tormentor Kilgrave is back in her life.

I have yet to watch House of Cards or Making a Murderer so these are definitely next on my list, but id love to hear what you are watching and what you would recommend! Have you watched any of the shows I mentioned above? Did you love or hate them? xx

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Forest Trials...

forest trials 8

Before Christmas I got a shiny new camera something that I have been talking about doing for well over a year. A beast of thing in the form of a Canon 6D and I promised myself that I would sit down and properly work out how to use it. So far my in depth Canon learning hasn't really happened, as January is speeding by in a blur of work, travel and home repairs- not very glamorous but sometimes essential stuff has to come first! I have found through trial and error a huge difference in the quality of my images already and cant wait to continue to improve and hone my skills. Im hoping that in the near future Ill feature a lot more posts with me behind the lens instead of always in front of it!

forest trials 3 forest trials 4 forest trials 2 forest trials 7 forest trials 9
forest trials 5 Coat: H&M
Top: H&M
Suede Leggings: F&F
Boots: Next
Necklace: Chelsea Flea Market

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Winter Checks...

irish lifestyle blogLazy weekends spent in front of the fire, building Ikea furniture and walking my dogs, always a great combo... So far Im sticking to my new years resolutions mentioned in my last post, apparently this is the weekend that everyone cracks and gives up but Im staying strong!

pinafore dress autumn style winter boots checked duffle coat style blogger ukCoat: Liberty Blue
Pinafore: Topshop
Top: Primark
Boots: Next
Glasses: c/o Proopticals

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Hello 2016

lifestyle home blog

So Im kinda slow on the uptake here as I know New Year has been and gone and the talk of Christmas and resolutions is all a distant memory for most. However this year I am determined to make some resolutions and stick to them. My sister in law told me hers over the holiday period- simple little things that could improve her life for the better - and it really inspired me to do the same. None of this 'get fit' with no actual plan in place to achieve this goal! So I sat and thought about it seriously and here are my 2016 resolutions.

2016 resolutions
001: Eat more fruit. With Dave being a vegetarian I eat a lot of vegetables but not much fruit. Now every night I make fruit smoothies for the following morning, I take mine into work and Dave has his in the car on route to work. Through one smoothie a day I have increased my fruit intake by almost 100%!

002: Decrease my refined sugar intake. Ive cut down the chocolate I eat to only allowing treats at weekends and Im working on reducing my one spoonful of sugar in my tea down to none. Until I can remove sugar from my tea completely I have been substituting black tea for mint tea.

003: Read one book a month. This might be a tough one but Im going to try my very best! I started a new job on the 4th January (last years resolution to change careers!) and managing my free time with my new work schedule could prove tricky but I think Ill soon find my feet & maximize my time with my nose in a book!

blog planning004: Watch one documentary a month. Ive always known I favour 'rubbish' tv, I love Gogglebox and First Dates and binge watch The Walking Dead, all of which are awesome but they dont exactly challenge the mind do they? So Ive decided to try to include more documentaries in my life, there are so many on Netflix Im spoilt for choice. Please let me know if you guys have any recommendations! Currently Im watching the Planet Earth series with David Attenborough.

005: Be more organised. Kind of a vague one but last year felt like a very lethargic year for me & Ive decided - new year, new job Im not going to let that happen in 2016! Im getting up earlier, keeping a diary and keeping a his & hers calender for Dave & I so we can always keep track of plans and commitments.

organisation tips006. Decorate our big living room & hold a big party on Christmas Eve 2016. Not really a resolution but more of a goal, we have our kitchen finished now, (photos coming soon!) our little snug/tv room, our hall and bedroom all painted and redecorated. So next plan is our big living room, which needs wallpaper stripped, new flooring, painted and completely furnished. Its a big job and a big expense so I think the goal of having it ready by Christmas Eve this year is an achievable time frame!

So that's it, my plan for 2016! Nothing too crazy or unattainable, just the basic plan to look after myself better - body and mind and just focus on being happy. Have you any resolutions? How do you plan to stick to them? Love to hear all!

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