Little things of late...

homemade-diy-crafts-blogLife feels a little like a waiting game at the minute, waiting to get our new house keys, waiting to move, waiting to pack. Sick of waiting basically. So I thought id share of few things I've done/got/read recently...
The quilt above is a table runner I made in January, since last summer I've been getting back into sewing and attending a few classes. For Christmas my mum got me a one day quilting workshop for her & I to do together. My choice of fabrics kinda remind me of that cartoon show The Jetsons which is partly why I love it.

quirky-retro-home-decor-tipI am so excited to hang these distressed wooden circus letters in our bathroom. I think they will be a good pop of colour in our so far all white bathroom. I was even tempted to get YUM for our kitchen.

lifestyle-home-decor-blogNew home purchases: Mint clock from TK Maxx. Brass drawer pull handles from Ikea for a little DIY project. A little succulent I planted into a giant teacup. Paint testers in the attempt to try and find the perfect shade of grey for our bedroom that isn't cold, too dark or the colour of concrete. Its a pretty hard task!

uk-home-lifestyle-blogLastly my latest little addictions: 74% dark chocolate Ive always been a milk choc girl but this stuff is so good! My other little addiction is To Kill a Mockingbird, Im two thirds of the way through and savouring every page, I dont want it to end Im too attached!

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Decorating a blank canvas...

decorating-tips-home-decor-Hopefully if all goes to plan in the next few weeks Dave & I will be getting the keys to our new home. We will be home owners (eek!) of a new build house, a blank canvas nothing but cream walls as far as the idea can see. Which is one of the first things I hope to change! Colour is key!

Decorating a three bed house is kinda daunting. I remember wanting to re-do my room every other week when I was 16, but all I really did was add cheap coloured candles, the odd new poster and move my bed from one wall to another. Dave & I have decided to tackle our house slowly so as to not rush into buying or doing anything that in 6 months we dont like. Money is another deciding factor or the lack of it after we pay our deposit and fees. So at the minute Im thinking about wall colours for the kitchen, bathrooms and our bedrooms & flooring for the whole house.
We decided on wooden flooring for the hall & living room, carpet for the stairs and landing and a different wooden floor for our bedroom. After standing in B&Q paint swatch area for what can only be described as a embarrassingly long amount of time we realised we gravitated towards the same colours. Cool shades of pale greys,  washed out aqua blues and sage/mint greens which I think will be the colour palette for the kitchen and bathrooms.
Tk Maxx, Ikea and Next Home are places we visit more often than is probably normal, some staff are even starting to recognise us. Its just so exciting, I cant wait to start sharing our decorating plans from start to completion here on the blog. Fingers crossed we get the keys soon!! xx

Our previous little rented home that we furnished and decorated has been featured in Ikea Magazine, to read the article, just click here.

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Storms End...

murlough-bay-storms-endLast weekend Dave & I decided to visited a Game of Thrones film location. It was the first full Saturday we have spent together this year as Dave has been studying for exams. We wanted to make the most of the day and explore somewhere new & where better than a Game of Thrones location!!

game-of-thrones-storms-end-This is Murlough Bay in Co Antrim it becomes the Iron Islands in season three of Game of Thrones. It is also the spot where Davos Seaworth gets shipwrecked after the battle of Blackwater Bay.

game-of-thrones-locations game-of-thrones-ireland-fil If you are ever visiting Northern Ireland this is definitely somewhere I would recommend. Its so beautiful and wild you can see why it would be perfect for a backdrop to any film or tv show. Maybe visiting in February wouldnt be the best time as although these photos look sunny and warm it was bloody freezing!!

lifestyle-blog-uk-ireland storms-end-game-of-thronesDave & I thought over the spring/summer months we would try and visit all the locations based in Northern Ireland and share our adventures here on the blog. :) Next we are thinking of visiting the Riverun or Winterfell locations.

storms-endThe beach at Murlough Bay may also be familiar to GOT fans, right here they filmed the scene where Theon Greyjoy rides the horse with his sister Yana. Pretty cool.. I love that more things like this are happening in Northern Ireland. It gets a bad rep sometimes and although we have had a rather checkered past for such a small country we make up for it with our beautiful scenery, good pubs and friendly locals.

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Looking back...

looking-backThe start of LFW is always the signal of when I am going to get insanely busy with work. Buyers are coming and going into the night everyday including Sundays deciding what pieces they want for their boutiques for Winter 2015. Im down in Dublin for the next two weeks and with little to no internet blogging is near impossible. (please dont forget about me, I promise ill do better next month!) It has given me time to reflect in the little time I have free in the late hours of night.
One night I just sat and went through all my old blog photos from start to end, some filled me with laughter and such memories. I remember some moments like they were yesterday & I thought id share my favourite moments in time with you guys. Some are for the outfits, some for the memories of the day, some I just love the photograph.
I hope you guys like them too. xx

looking-back4 looking-back7 looking-back11 looking-back12 looking-back10 looking-back8 looking-back6jpg looking-back2 looking-back1 looking-back3 looking-back9 looking-back5

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