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Reading... Ive just finished reading Emma Donoghue's Room, I read it in two days. I couldnt put it down. Its the story told from a 5 year old boys point of view. His mother was kidnapped and abused and locked in a room where he was born and has lived his entire life without ever being allowed outside. Its sad but such a great read.
Wanting to... Get back into sewing. So from the start of September Im taking a sewing a class every week to brush up on my skills. First thing we will be making is a dress so Im off today to pick my fabric and pattern.
Wishing for... My honeymoon to hurry up and come around. Dave & I due to work couldnt go on honeymoon in May so we have booked two weeks in the Riviera Maya Mexico in November. I cant wait!
Missing... My sister, she moved across to the other side of the world to Ohio, for a job in May and I miss her a lot. Thank goodness for skype.
Guilty pleasure... As embarrassed as I am to admit this, Im sucked into the TV Show Melissa & Joey. Melissa Joan Hart is exactly how I remember her in Sabrina the teenage witch & I just think she is hilarious!
Craving... An Ulster fry with all the trimmings. After a late night last night my friends 30th, Im feeling worse for wear and craving salty fried food. yum!
Happy about... Finally sharing my wedding photos with you guys next week! :) Would you like to see the photos broken down into the wedding morning and evening or all the photos in one large post? What would be best?

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Recycling your wardrobe...

recycling-your-wardrobeOrganising and paying for a wedding, buying an entire house worth of furniture & paying off a two week honeymoon to Mexico are all pricey things. As I've mentioned a few times now my disposable income has decreased dramatically. Buying new clothes is just not my main priority (as much as Id like it to be!) Recycling and renewing old items from my wardrobe to make them fresh again has become essential. So I thought id share a few of my tips with you guys... top-uk-lifestyle-blogThis denim shirt and leather skirt are two of my most featured items on my blog. I wear them all the time and never get sick of them because they are so versatile.
Tip #01 Pick an item that is classic and chic, a white shirt, a black skirt, a grey t-shirt. That kinda thing.
Tip #02 LAYER! A denim shirt for example can be layered under (like as shown above) almost used as a jacket, or layered over and buttoned up to the neck- like I did here.
Tip #03 Style depending on the season. A skirt, be it leather, cord or jersey can be worn all year round. You just need to know what to team it with. In summer team with bare legs and pumps (eg here) and in winter layer with knitwear and coloured tights. (eg here)

ombre-red-hair Tip #04 Accessories- you can refresh a tired old tee or shirt with a massive statement necklace or bright coloured scarf. Shirts can be changed by buttoning the top button and adding a ribbon or collar pins.(eg here)
Tip #05 The shape of a skirt can be updated and changed by what you wear on the top half. Tucking in a top or tying a shirt on the waist can create a slim line silhouette (eg here) Team with a slouchy long line jumper for a more casual dressed down shape (eg here.) Any item can be dressed down or dressed up.

rejuventating-your-wardrobeShirt: Asos, Skirt: H&M, Vest: Topshop, Sandals: New Look.

Hope you guys enjoyed my tips, I hope they were useful! :)

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A dogs life...

cute-dog-photosLife as a blogger with a full time job can be hectic, but life as a bloggers dog?! Well that can be just as taxing. So tonight I thought id let my dogs Pixie(left) & Chomper(right & upside down) take over my blog & if they could talk this is what Id imagine they'd say...
Chomper: 7am: Waking up early is essential to my routine, I have to run in to Vicki & Daves room and jump on their bed to walk them up. Otherwise I worry they would never get up in time. Once this important job is done & they are finally out of what is really my bed I can stretch out & roll around doing some essential exercises to warm up my muscles.

a-dogs-lifePixie: 9am on the dot: This is walk time. One minute late and I start to get teste, so of course I bark at Vicki until she finally stops whatever she is doing to walk us. Chomper likes to sport the latest cable knit jumper or puffa coat, I personally prefer to go au naturale.

top-uk-fashion-blog Chomper: 10am: When Vicki leaves for work, we get down to business. This time is crucial for finding essential new sleeping places (my personal favourite spot is on top of the clean laundry folded just before Vicki puts it away.) Pixie & I also like to perfect our beauty regimes during this time so we are on hand any time Vicki wants to take a selfie, you gots to be instagram ready at all times.
top-uk-lifestyle-blog Pixie: 5pm: Vicki gets home from work and Chomper & I have a barking match to see who can show her who is the most pleased shes home. (I usually win) Selfie time! I prefer to go for a side profile shot while Chomper opts for a front profile shot while starring wistfully off into the distance.

top-uk-style-blogChomper: 7pm: Time to nip to the shops for some last minute errands/snacks. I love the car & of course Dave & Vicki need supervision on any journeys so I offer my assistance. Pixie is not such a fan as a nervous passenger she opts to curl up on the sofa in a blanket, keeping watch over the house when we're not there. Our work is never done!
11pm is bedtime and then the day starts over again! One things for sure we both love having our photo taken, the perks of the job!

This post is in partnership with Argos Pet insurance, thank you for supporting the companies that keep The Magpie Girl plugging away! xo

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Cycling in the sunshine...

cycling-in-sunshine1Since Dave & I moved into our little home we have been making good use of the tow-path running along the river near by. One Sunday we got on our bicycles and cycled into the city a few miles away for coffee's and iced buns. It was such a nice way to get around that I think we will have to make it a Sunday routine!

uk-lifestyle-blogger style-and-lifestyle-blog old-fashioned-bicycle-style cycling-in-sunshine redhead-style-blogger fashion-lifestyle-blog cycling-chic-in-the-sunshinCardigan: H&M, Top: H&M, Skirt c/o Zalando, Shoes c/o Tamaris, Backpack c/o Britstitch.

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