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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

baby prep tipsIm not sure that I will ever feel fully prepared or ready for Baby McG coming, Dave & I are both the eldest in our families so our experience with children and babies has been incredibly limited. We have never even changed a nappy before... Queue me freaking out on many occasions at 4am about what the heck Im gonna do with a baby and how good of a mum Im going to be!
So my thoughts are the best defense is a strong offense, here are a few little things I did in the hope of making life easier when the little man arrives.

Freezer Meals:
Over Christmas I set to work making some meals that could just be popped in the oven when we dont have time or energy to cook. These included: Lentil Curry, Fish Pies, Winter Veg Curry, Root Veg Bake, Celery Soup & Sweet Potato & Carrot Soup.
Stocking up:
Dave has joked that I must know about some environmental disaster that means we wont be able to go to tesco or buy food when the baby comes as I have filled our cupboards. Yup having 8 boxes of cereal will make life all that easier.. lol.
Beauty Maintenance:
Over Christmas I got my hair re-coloured, my fringe cut shorter and 4 inches taken off my length and my hair thinned out. Ive heard from all my friends you never have time for showers and baths so I figure finding time to dry your hair is prob the same & saying I have a lions mane of hair that will never air dry I knew I needed something more manageable. I also took my nail polish off my fingers and trimmed my nails back, got my toe nails re-painted and have been sure to shave my legs & (cough) everywhere else.
preparing for a babyReading:
I definitely could have done a lot more of this over the past few months but part of me didnt want to freak myself out too much. So Ive focused on reading the Pregnancy book given to me by the hospital, the breast feeding book & The Essential First Year by Penelope Leach which I would thoroughly recommend. 
I am hoping to breast feed but Im under no illusion that this will be easy or maybe even possible, but in case it is I have bought a few nursing tops and shirt dress pajamas to help make it a little easier at home and when Im out and about.
Boring Purchases:
While I had great fun buying all the baby stuff there were other things we realised we might need to help make things easier, like a tumble dryer! Its something we had always intended to get at some point but once I got pregnant and knew we'd be washing and drying tonnes of baby clothes in the middle of winter as well we bite the bullet and got one, along with a large standing freezer for our garage to store all those freezer meals and quick oven pizzas.
Our Dogs:
Ive been worrying a lot about how our dogs will react to the new addition to our family. To help ease the transition we moved Chomper downstairs a few months ago to sleep in the living room as she use to sleep in a dog bed in our room which will be a no no when the baby arrives. I have played baby crying sounds from youtube around the house a few times to get them semi use to the noise, I also read that putting the babies first clothing after the hospital in their beds will help them get use to the baby's scent so we plan on doing this. I have also organised for family to look after them for the first few days after we get home to help us settle the baby in before introducing him to the dogs.
Drawer Organisation: 
Another little thing I did in the hope of making those early days easier was to wash and sort all the baby clothes and divide them into drawer dividers by weight and clothing type like sleepsuits and vests. I used my little dymo label maker to label each section so we would know right away what size each section of clothing is.
pblogger uk magpie girlSo there you have it, these are just a few things I did in the hopes that it will help when we take our little one home. I have no idea what to expect or what the next few months will have in store for us, but Im excited and albeit a little terrified to see how our family changes and adapts and what kind of parents we will become...
Wish us luck! xx

Finn Thomas McGuinness was born on the 18-01-17, and its been a roller coaster two weeks. Ive realised nothing will ever properly prepare you for parenthood and the idea of the 'fourth trimester' is sooo accurate! However I am glad I did everything above in the hopes of trying to make the transition a little easier and it has been a real help in the sleep deprived early days.

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  1. congratulations, such a sweet name!

  2. THe thing with dogs is they smell the scent of you on the babies! Every single dog I have ever met with babies have been able to love and get along with the child. We were worried about our dog (who died last year now) when we were going to have our first. She barked at EVERYONE she didn't know. She never barked at my kids and was always sweet with them. She was really protective of them (not from us, but from others).

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