Learning to by myself...

Thursday, July 31, 2014

learning-to-be-meI think as you get older you become more confident, less worried about what people think of you. The need to fit in with the crowd which seemed like such a necessity at school wears away, being unique, being yourself is more important. That being said I personally have found that no matter what age it doesnt stop doubt creeping in. For the past few months Ive felt Ive been in a style rut... I hated everything in my wardrobe and wanted to throw it all out and start again. I love blogging and read blogs daily but I do think it influences your craving for keeping up with current trends. It makes you think you need that certain item no matter whether you can afford it or not.
Recently I have felt my style is outdated, too girly, too colourful even. Ive let myself be brainwashed that I need to embrace the monochrome minimalist style that seems to be everywhere at the minute.
There is nothing wrong with this particular trend, it can look amazing on the right person but its not me. I tried for awhile to change my style slowly but it led to me being unhappy & frustrated with outfit shots & how I looked in general (insert more doubt in self here)
But the other day I had an epiphany (if a style epiphany exists?) I decided to embrace me & my style. The pressure I had been feeling I had completed created myself. Once I realised that, and that my style is great just the way it is. I felt such a relief. So here is an outfit that a few weeks ago I would never have worn, I almost threw this skirt out on numerous occasions but I finally feel happy to wear this and feel good in my own skin/clothes.

uk-irish-fashion-blogger mixing-prints,-dressing-for top-style-fashion-blog summer-styling-tips top-fashion-blog creating-your-own-personal-Top: Forever 21, Skirt: Miss Selfridge, Flip Flops c/o Ted Baker, Gold Bracelet: Kate Spade, Glasses c/o Swag & Stare, Necklace: Market Stall @ Fashion Souk.

Do you ever feel in a style rut or feel pressure from blogging? How do you cope, Id love to hear your stories good and bad. xo

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  1. Aw Vicki, I'm so glad you feel like you're out of you style rut, I think everyone feels like that sometimes, especially bloggers. I actually think your style is perfect and your blog is a huge source of inspiration for me!
    If I'm ever feeling in a rut I like to look back over old outfit posts and remind myself why I loved them. I find that sometimes helps :)

  2. I think style ruts are inevitable sometimes but I have always loved your style and I'm glad you do too. I have been much more confident recently which is strange but nice too :)

    Maria xxx

  3. You look so pretty!! I love this outfit + the pattern on this skirt is beautiful!! xo

  4. Such an honest post, loved reading this. Your individual style is what sets you apart and I have always loved your outfit posts - because the outfits aren't what you see on every fashion blog, and your colour combinations are fab. I am constantly worrying that my blog isn't as good as but I just try to take inspiration from the blogs I like and keep speaking in my own voice :)

  5. Loved reading this post Vicki. I always feel pressure from blogging as I feel like I always need new clothes every time I post so it's something new every time but obviously not everyone has the money to do that! You just learn to rework things. I love this outfit, the prints are so pretty :) x

  6. I do feel pressure from blogging, I would say most do but I've never been in a style rut as my taste in fashion changes quickly. I guess you can say I'm a fashion floozy ;)
    As you say the older you get the less you care what people think and now i'm in my 30s I really don't care and will wear what I want. You really shouldn't worry too, you have a unique style so embrace it :)

    Honey Go-Lightly

  7. Hey Vicki! I'm a new follower, but had to comment to say that you look fabulous! I love your style. :) You look fabulous!!

    Love and light,

  8. Totally get what you mean, I've felt like this several times in the past. You always wear the most gorgeous things though I adore your style x

  9. I adore rosy florals like that and those shoes are too cute! So glad you decided to own your personal style. We all feel pressure sometimes, and it's so confusing. You have to go with your gut.

  10. I absolutely love your style! So don't even think about changing it again Vicki haha!

  11. I can totally relate to you, Vicki!
    Let me tell you that this outfit has to be one of my favourites - it's so YOU and I love it!
    Embrace what you love and your style will shine through!

  12. I've always really loved your style! Your personal look is beautiful :) xxx

  13. Don't change anything you are perfect just the way you are!!!!

  14. I love the way you dress! Pretty, girly florals all the way!


  15. I think you look lovely just the way you are, I love your sense of style that's why I started following your blog in the first place :-)


  16. I'm so glad to hear that other people feel the same way! I thought it was only me! Love this outfit and your style, thanks for being so honest! Meabh

  17. That gold bow bracelet is darling!

  18. Whatever you feel on the inside will be projected and will determine how you appear on the outside - no matter what clothes you wear!

    If you feel happy and comfortable then you will glow - as you do in these images. I think you look beautiful.
    - Jess
    Wisdom and Wilderness