Lost my way...

Friday, September 28, 2012

So I mentioned on twitter yesterday that I feel like I've lost my blogging mojo recently...
I decided instead of dwelling on this, I'd actually talk about it on here and ask you guys, my lovely readers & followers for advice. 
I'm throwing in these random ootd shots in here too...

crimson-cloud crimson-cloud4 crimson-cloud1  
Jumper:h&m, dress c/o style compare, waist belt:asos, necklace c/o electric eccentricity, boots:m&s.

I find this really hard to talk about I'm not really sure why, I think it's cause once you point out 
the problem you're having then everyone else will notice it too..but here goes! Ok so I've been thinking a lot about what has changed that has made me feel like I'm going through a writers/bloggers block.. I still love reading blogs, getting inspired and thinking of great ideas that I want on my blog. But I never seem to have the time to implement them.. Outfit posts which I usually find fun to do and edit afterwards aren't as fun anymore.. I dunno if I need a direction or a blog make over? Or just a break for awhile. I think my issue with ootd posts is...i don't like how I look in them anymore. I've mentioned a couple times on twitter & what not that I've been suffering from really frequent migraines, well I'm now on preventive medication daily...downside is it makes you put on weight. So far in the last few months or so I've gained a stone (14lbs) a lot my clothes now don't fit correctly which makes getting dressed & finding new outfits to wear &
photograph hard and makes me extremely self conscious...

 Ok so now I've kinda had my little rant, I'd love to find out how you deal with bloggers block? Id love any advice anyone has to offer. I know this isnt a massive problem, I just fnd it kinda sad that the spark seems to have gone for me. Hopefully Ill get my mojo back!
I know this for sure I don't wanna stop blogging... I just need to find the passion for it again..
Thanks for listening. xx

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  1. That is really sad to hear. I think you are having a writers block, maybe try a different angle. Love your blog and you look gorgeous. We can not tell if you have put on weight. As long as you are confident in your clothes that's all that matters. Maybe have some time off x

  2. I got bloggers block a couple of months back. I felt like I was trying really hard to do something that people would love, which at the time felt like I had to do what everyone else was doing - dabbling with beauty posts etc, so I took a step back for a month and thought about what i really wanted my space to be. i came back and completely changed the whole thing, turning into more of an online diary. My advice is just do what makes you happy, and you'll get on fine xxx

  3. I could not tell at all that you have put on weight, and I mean that in a good way!

    Take some time out.. don't force it, its not a chore.. its a hobby! Your followers aren't going anywhere and your blog is always better when YOU enjoy doing it!


  4. Firstly, I would never of noticed that you've put on weight. You still look fantastic in my eyes. And secondly, writers/bloggers block is so common! I have found that buying an exciting new bag or bit of clothing has boosted my mojo but I know that sometimes it needs something a little deeper than that. You are amazing at what you do and if you needed a break, we'd all wait for you!

    Don't beat yourself up about it :) xx

    The Style Tag

  5. I can't tell at all that you've put on weight! You still look fab!

    If it's making you feel unhappy & self concious though then why not branch out a bit for a while? Your hair is gorgeous, I'd love to read more about how you colour it and what products you use. Or make-up reviews? Wish lists?

    Lisa x

  6. I've had this feeling rceently, I am really struggling with the way I look at the moment and have almost no confidence. I more often than not hate every single photo I take of myself.
    I find that having some time off from worrying about the blog sometimes helps, as does trying to change the way I thought about it.
    My blog has never been very big or popular, which is fine, I've always tried to write for myself, not to an audience. It can sometimes be hard, but it may help to write about what you want to, so if ootd posts aren't what inspires you at the moment, maybe a change?
    Hope you're ok x

  7. So sorry to hear about your migraines- weight gain isn't the end of the world and you look gorgeous! I hope the medication is helping your head at least. I do occasionally get writers block, I run two blogs, a jewellery shop and have a full time job so sometimes I am just too tired to sit and think of something to say! In these cases I just take a little break away. I keep taking pics as/when inspiration takes me but theres no reason to force it.

    Or maybe try posting about something else other passions like music, food or just snaps of what you've been up to :) xx

    Visit The Other Side Of Cool
    Tweet me! @othersideofcool

  8. awww i think i am struggling with the same thing as you right now. i feel like i'm in a routine w/ outfit photos and it's not really that fun anymore!! and i want to go back to blogging about other things but i'm not as inspired lately.. :( hopefully we'll find our mojo again!

    Sandy a la Mode

  9. what an amazing look! love the belt :)


  10. Argh weigh gain due to a medication is hard to handle! But I can assure you that I hadn't noticed anything.

  11. You look stunning but I know the feeling. I broke my foot in April and have put on over half a stone and you just don't feel comfortable with yourself. When your not happy with yourself that effects every aspect of your life. Probably doesn't help with your migraines, plus the change in season either, holiday perhaps? ;o)

    If you ever need a new direction, I am looking for guest bloggers to kick-start VF blog, something to think about. Shame your not closer really could have come to my next shoot.

    Hope you feel better and get back into the swing of things, you have a talent that shouldn't be wasted.


  12. I wish I had some good advice to share but I seem to be going through the same rut and haven't been able to shake it. I will say that I had not noticed one bit that you had put on weight. Really, if you hadnt mentioned it I would have had no idea. You look great.

  13. Oh so, I'm gonna start this sentence: I totally understand you with two topics: blogging and weight.
    Firstly: I don't know what's going on lately, but I also block myself if it goes about blogging. I don't have any inspirations, I don't know what to write and what kind of photos take. I also have problem with clothes. I mean I feel bad whenever I wear lately, you know. And when someone want to to take photos of my outfit I'm like: Omg, no. no. I dont want any photos cus I look bad. I don't know what's going on. Seriously. Maybe we just need a break, time to think about. Really. I have no idea, I haven't solved this problem yet.

    If it goes about weight... People who knows me, they know that I'm obsessed with weight. Everyone say that I'm skinny and I look ok, but I don't like my body and I don't feel ok. I want to be skinner and prettier. You don't seem like you gain on weight. and I'm sure people say same, but you feel bad in your body and this is the most important thing- your feelings. Of course, if you want, you can go on diet, but honestly, I don't see any difference in you. i think that the best and the healthies way would be just healthy diet, like fruits and vegetables! <3.

    your outfit is good, just like usual <3.

    lol, hope i helps, cus i have similar problems :)


  14. You look absolutely beautiful, as always! Everyone goes through stages of losing motivation and the passion but it always comes back :) You're so great at what you do and i'm sure I can speak for everyone when I say we'll all be here when you return :)
    love, harrie xxx

  15. Maybe you need to set yourself a challenge to provide some motivation and excitement? For example, find a bunch of items you haven't worn for ages and challenge yourself to find new ways to wear them.
    If you can find some sort of challenge that takes you a little out of your comfort zone, I think you'll find that gives you plenty of things to write about too. Good luck :)

  16. I agree with the others...I totally can't tell you've put on weight! I love your quirky style and always find myself wishing I had the confidence to mix my outfits up a bit like you do :)
    Your blog is one I will always click on even when I'm being selective as we seem to have similar tastes.
    So...keep doing what you're doing or take a break. I'm sure everyone will be there when you return. Hope you find your mojo..
    Becky x

  17. Hi Vicki, I think sometimes just taking a break from blogging to just take stock and just enjoy life without photographing and editing is just what the doctor ordered. I watched a really good documentary/film last night called We Live In Public, you should watch it. Inspiration comes when we aren't stressed, perhaps your headaches are coming being really busy, take a break and you'll be back to your blogging self in no time xx

  18. Hellooo, firstly i wouldnt have even guessed that you had put on any weight…i know that doesnt really matter as its how you feel isnt it? If you know you have and its got you down it doesnt matter that no one else can see.

    I just want to say that im still really new to all of this and i struggle, mostly with feeling like i should post more (where do people find the time to do that and have a life?!?!) lol. I have loved your blog from day one, just as its honest, friendly and warm and whether it changes a bit or you have a little bit of time off to find you mojo, i shall always read.

    Chin up cheesecake, lots and lots of love xxxxx

  19. Vicki, I can imagine it does get hard to keep up posts, especially when you go through big life changes. You've had a hectic few months, getting engaged, starting new medication etc, etc. You've gotta go with your heart and blog about what's important to you right now. Don't stress with the outfit posts, you can tell us about wedding plans, nesting for your new married life, or just not blog that much at all if that's how you feel. Sending bloggy hugs Vicki pet - email if you think it would help to meet for a coffee. Sure I'm only down the road from you, would be great to catch up. Avrilx

  20. I've been following your blog for a good while now, maybe over a year, if not more. I think you always look great, and honestly I never noticed you had put on any weight, you still look fab in and your hair is to die for.

    I hope you find a way to have fun with your blog again, its one of my faves :)

  21. Everyone gets these blocks once in a while and I don't think it's something you should dwell on too much. I noticed that only weeks after I wrote my post about my block (which I've done a couple of times) I've felt a lot better and stopped worrying about where I fit in category wise with my blog and it's content. I think a blog has to be about whatever you like and feel that day or week. Just write your heart out about anything! :)

    I like your blog as it is! You always look lovely and I hope you find your mojo again! XO

  22. First of all, you wouldn't know that you had put on weight, I think you look lovely but most importantly, I have always loved your blog, whatever you cover and I look forward to seeing what direction you take it in next...

    LOTS of love,

    Maria xxx

  23. Blogging will always find it's way back to you, I stand by that. You are beautiful and so very lovely and down to earth and I think that's why we all love you so much. One day it will come back to you, if not tomorrow, another day xxx

  24. Hi Vicky, I have noticed that you've been posting less frequently, but a weight gain? It doesn't show at all!

    I understand that putting on weight can make one feel self conscious, but I think that's separate from feeling like you've lost your mojo.

    There's nothing wrong with taking a break for a bit, in fact that might be just what you need. There are plenty of readers waiting here for you when you get going again : )

  25. Vick I'm sad to hear you're not having the best bloggy time right now. Sometimes we all go through phases, and don't be afraid to take time to relax, breathe and think about where you are right now. You've a lot going on with the wedding - and thinking about blog posts, I for one LOVE to read about wedding plans - work and general life, so take the pressure off yourself. You're a fabulous lady, and things will right themselves
    S xx

  26. Hattitude Style Blog

    vicki i've been on medication on and off my whole life which makes my weight up and down since I had my double lung transplant 2 years ago, usually if you don't tell people about flaws, they never notice! we're just lookin' at your CUTE outfits girl! you look great! my trick, stand slightly to the side to make oneself look thinner on camera.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  27. Well, first up - you're still a totes babe. I really hope the drugs are doing their work as your health is the main thing. Don't forget it.
    My blog mojo comes and goes though, as a teeny blog, I guess I have far less to lose than you. Sometimes I just can't be arsed with it, sometimes real life gets in the way (or does blogging get in the way of real life - discuss). The way I see it is that, if you're doing your blog for yourself and for your readers (rather than as a serious business enterprise), you can leave off and pick up again as and when you see fit. Good luck xxx

  28. Aw I couldn't tell you put on any weight. You still look amazing! If you're feeling bloggers block (which we all get from time to time, believe me) just take a break! Only post when you're feeling inspired or just feeling like posting. It gets crappy when you're doing it because you feel like you have to.
    You always have great posts and we'll all be here when you feel inspired!