Wet weekends with a toddler...

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Autumn is officially here and in Northern Ireland that nearly always means wet windy weather, and with a toddler to entertain staying in doors can get tiresome and boring pretty quick. Dave & I love taking Finn out and about especially to parks and places he can roam and explore and run around. The boy does not know how to walk and everything is done at toddler running speed!
When the weather is rubbish and we have done the usual soft play baby toddler places somewhere we always like to venture is the Botanical Gardens and indoor tropical ravine and then round to the Ulster Museum and for coffee at Town Square.

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So if you are stuck for ideas some wet weekend and soft play aint your favourite place in the world, take a trip down to Belfast and explore the cacti and succulents! Wearing a floral pajama style shirt seemed only appropriate when snapping pics of pretty flowers and plants!

family weekendsShirt: H&M
Jeans: Marks and Spencer
Necklace: Oliver Bonas
Shoes: Primark

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