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Monday, July 09, 2018

2018-07-08 10.11.46 1Home DIY and decor has been on my mind a lot lately, we have loads of exciting plans to re-do our ensuite and downstairs loo and utility room hopefully over the course of the summer. So when E.on energy contacted me and asked me to take part in a home maintenance challenge I couldn't resist. I pride myself on being able to pull a scheme or look for a room together, Ive always known what I like and that part comes easy to me. Painting furniture and walls and the odd bit of sewing I can also do pretty well, but anything requiring proper tools like drills is something I always get Dave to do.

So when E.on asked me to take on any home diy of my choice and I could use technology - the handy echo dot to help me I knew I wanted to do something I hadnt done before. It may not be a big job for most but putting up a peg rail, drilling into my perfectly painted concrete walls made me kinda nervous.
I used Alexa to first of all order the spirit level and nails I would need for the job, I then linked it with my fire stick and was able to watch a handy youtube tutorial on drilling into concrete walls before I began.

2018-07-08 10.09.04 1 2018-07-08 10.05.15 1 2018-07-08 10.07.55 1
2018-07-08 10.00.03 1 2018-07-08 09.43.28 1 And voila! 
Im pretty proud of my efforts and would definitely not shy away from attempting something like this again. The little wooden peg rail looks really well with some pretty accessories in my spare bedroom, which if you have missed I have documented the decorating process of in my insta stories.
 2018-07-08 10.01.50 1Peg rail: H&M
Mirror: Oliver Bonas
Hanging Frame: John Lewis
Necklace: Oliver Bonas
Print: Gift
Bag: Topshop
Echo Dot c/o E.on energy

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