Sunday Soundtrack...

Sunday, January 28, 2018

sunday soundtrack

Since Finn was born music has become an important part of our day. He loves music and I always have a playlist on when we are getting ready in the morning. watching him try and dance melts my heart. Now that I'm back to work music is also an important part of my day on all fronts -it helps me focus, relax, unwind after work, and gear up in the early morning.

From now on, every so often, I'll share some of favourite songs with you guys in the form of a Sunday Soundtrack. I'm not committing to one every week because we all know that never works for me but Ill try my best to keep them regular.

I also just want to say a massive thank you for all the kind messages I received on my last post, you guys are the greatest. instagram and blogs have a tendency to add a shine to every area of peoples lives and its nice to know other people out there go through and think the same things as you. So thank you, here's to keeping this blog active this year!


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  1. In Florida the when the Space X Falcon Heavy Rocket launched it was to the sound of a David Bowie Song called Space Oddity. Music is a big part of our lives so I am not surprised that it happened to be a part of something this spectacular. It's great that you are introducing your Son to music. It can spark so much creativity as it touches emotions.

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