Being a mum is...

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

FINN_15Being a mum is...

Never having clean clothes but always putting the washing machine on
Singing nursery rhymes more than pop songs
Multi tasking like a boss, make a cup of tea, make a phone call and put a bib on a baby resting on your hip all at once, no probs.
Never standing still, even without a baby in your arms you find yourself constantly jigging from side to side. I call it restless jig syndrome.
Spending your days wiping, cleaning and picking things up off the floor.
Cooking up a storm to make different coloured bowls of mush that then get spat out or flung on the floor.
Enjoying hot beverages at luke warm temperatures
Becoming a human style donkey mule, carrying shopping bags, heavy car seats containing heavier babies, and changing bags all at once. Just throw it under one arm and off you go.
No longer having a handbag of your own.. lipsticks removed to make room for sophie the giraffe and spare bibs.
Never sleeping deeply again
Clock watching - time for a bottle? lunch? snack? nap? nappy change?
Two words... Mum Guilt.
Two words... Mum Rage. People who park in parenting spaces with no kids?! ffs.
Spending longer planning your kids outfit for the day than your own.
Getting a kick out of a trip the loo by yourself.. what a novelty!
Marking the success of your day by lengths of naps & how much food was swallowed and not spat out.
Thinking you have cracked it one day and then being totally baffled by your little one the next.
Talking about poo with your mummy friends.
Every emotion crammed into one day, one hour, one minute sometimes.
Is realising that comment you make before you have kids.. 'Ill never do that when I have children' is a load of crap and you really were a clueless idiot.
FINN_17 Being a mum is heart filling, eye opening, life changing, laugh out loud wonderful. And for me, the best thing I have ever done was becoming a mum. 
Photographs by the amazingly talented Tania Marques. I will be doing a post showing all the other lovely photos she took for me soon, as they are too gorgeous not to share!!

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  1. ah i didnt know you were a yummy mummy!


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  3. I love this post. It made me smile and laugh out loud in parts. All the wonderful things I have to look forward to very soon. Kate

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