Learning to be a parent..

Thursday, May 25, 2017

learning to be a parentAlmost a month has gone by and I haven't written a single post, why? Because I have found out that free time is fleeting. Minutes mixed in a blur of drinking coffee, tip toeing around the house in the hope of not waking a sleeping baby who doesn't like to nap for more than 20 minutes at a time and frantically trying to do a Tesco food shop online in a few minutes because you've run out of all essential food - tea, biscuits and bread.
Ive touched on a few times how motherhood is a hard gig, one I definitely was not prepared for, even though I thought I was.. But from talking to every other newbie mum out there this seems totally normal and they all say the same thing, no one could prepare you for it until you do it yourself..

So I thought id write a little post for myself, to myself. If I could go back in time a few months here's a few things I would tell myself.. a jumble of serious and not so serious in no particular order because lets face it, I just dont have time. Lets just hope I spell checked it correctly this time.

#01 Having this picture perfect nursery really isn't the be all and end all, because at 4 months old Finn is still sleeping in your room next to your bed so you stressing about it over Christmas really wasn't necessary, you gots time.

#02 People telling you dont buy the baby too much clothes, you'll get lots and lots of gifts' while pretty accurate wasn't helpful because no one bought baby grows and baby grows are all you can master for the first three months so stocking up on more would've come in handy.

#03 Who ever wrote the blog post that you read sleep deprived at 1am one night on using a maternity ball to bounce on to settle an upset baby is literally a god because this worked every time for a certain little boy.

#04 Buy a white noise app, or more specifically the sound of the hairdryer, by month 4 you wont be able to sleep without the sound either.

#05 Dont get sucked into those app's documenting the time spent breastfeeding because when you end up doing it for 18 hours a day it will only torment you further.

#06 Neckerchief bandana style bibs may look cool but they are bloody annoying when they end up in your baby's mouth half the time and when you have a spewy baby, big bibs while unattractive are essential.

#07 You will never have enough muslin squares or bibs. Go now, buy more.

#08 Cup holders on prams are infuriating, they catch on every isle, person, door insight. Remove now and avoid weeks of mum rage.

#09 Clean clothes are a thing of the past, baby spew is your new accessory.

#10 Coffee is glorious and is a great replacement for all beverages, one cup and you feel like you can conquer even the toughest of days

#11 Achieving one thing for yourself each day is awesome, accept mini victory's they will help you get through the tougher hours/days

#12 Dark coloured baby grows may look super cute but when you have a baby who bokes a lot they look stinking in seconds. White is your friend.

 #13 Mum guilt is very real, stop fretting so much and remember this mantra- This too shall pass.

At 4 months I feel like Im finding my groove and Finn and I are having a ball, yes some days are still hard and some nights sleep is more disrupted than others but I am growing more confident in myself as a parent & knowing whats best for Finn. The past month has been a lot of fun and I cant wait to see what Finn gets up to and how much he learns and grows over the next few months while Im still off on maternity leave.

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  2. Ah. I should have tried the bouncing on the maternity ball when I had one for my first baby. Great idea! Love your list.

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