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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

pregnancy blog uk So Im finally getting round to sharing Finn's birth story with you guys, having a newborn baby means I attempted to right this post about 5 times before actually getting the time to hit publish! At the end of my pregnancy I loved reading other peoples labour stories, I found it fascinating as each and every one was so different. I found that talking about it with all my friends who have children, that they too had completely different experiences and I dunno.. I guess I thought the more stories I heard and read the more prepared Id be?!

I had mixed feelings towards the whole labour process, part of me thought Id be fine as yes it would be painful but it would only be for a day or so and then it would be all over.. The other part of me worried about my pain threshold. I had decided to go to my local hospital which was midwifery lead, which meant no doctors. This meant If anything was to go wrong I would have to go in an ambulance to a different hospital or if I suddenly decided I needed an epidural, I would have to go to a different hospital.

My due date was Sunday 15th Jan and on Monday the 16th at 8am I started to feel pains in my back that seemed to come and go. I had a midwife appointment at 10am and they confirmed they were in fact contractions! Eeek! So I headed home to watch Erin Brockovich and eat snacks (totes normal for your average day in labour!) and Dave headed back to work as we knew that first time labour tend to take a while.. 24 hours later and one trip to the hospital (and home again) and I was still in the same position. Tuesday the 17th the contractions started to intensify and I spent most of the day on all fours on the floor counting down the hours until I took take more paracetamol. 8pm on Tuesday night we headed back to the hospital, my waters still hadnt broken and I was starting to worry that my labour would never end or for that matter properly start! I was told I was 2cm dilated so heading the right direction but not enough for me to be admitted and I was sent home again! I got Dave to stop for ice cream, because you know at 9pm on a freezing cold January night what you really need is some ice cream! The girl in the shop almost had a canary when Dave said it was for his wife who was in labour in the car. lol.

So we headed home, again. I ate ice cream, took pain killers, had a bath and attempted to watch Vampire Diaries on netflix to distract me from the pain. 2am came and I couldnt handle it anymore and we headed back in to the hospital, I was 5cm and could now be admitted, yay and also thank god! They gave me a pain relief injection so I could get some sleep between the contractions saying my labour had been going on so long and by mid morning I started feel the need push. Time kind of passed by in a bit of blur from then on.. I wanted to try a water birth and remember clearly them getting the bath ready but it seemed like a very long time before I was allowed in it. Dave tells me now that it was because I developed a temperature and they thought I was getting sepsis. What I remember was them continually taking my temperature while I breathed the gas and air and me telling them that Ive always been a really warm blooded person and yea labour was making me hot but that I felt fine! Once I finally did get in the bath it was awesome, but I was so wrecked from being up 48 hours that I kept falling asleep so after an hour or two I was out again. By this stage my labour had been taking too long for the pushing stage and they were preparing for me to go in an ambulance to another hospital for an assisted delivery..

After getting this far I did not want to travel in an ambulance to another hospital, so with the help and cheer leading of 3 midwives and Dave and the added spur on of them taking the gas and air off me (so I had no pain relief!) Finn was born 15 minutes after that cut off time for being sent in an ambulance!

So there you have it, thats my story, I am so glad we managed to stay in our local quiet hospital were we spent two days getting use to being parents with the help of a team of lovely midwives before bringing Finn home. Everyone says you soon forget the pain of labour and I didnt think that could be possible but I remember saying to Dave while still in hospital that it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. For me the labouring at home bit was the worst, it felt the most painful part and I had the added worry of not knowing how much worse it would get or how long it would go on for. For me once I got into the hospital it got a lot easier and I felt more as ease. I practiced my breathing techniques from my pregnancy yoga class & hypnobirthing tips and after almost ending up in an ambulance it all went smoothly and I had a natural and calm birth to a healthy little boy.

Finn Thomas, 7lbs 10, 18th January 2.45pm. IMG_3327

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  1. He's beautiful, well done you! I'm glad you were able to stay in your local hospital, little things like that can make a huge difference :) Hope you're enjoying getting to know your little man! ♥

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