5 Tips for Improving your Instagram feed...

Thursday, December 01, 2016

IMG_2301There are loads of tips and tricks out there on how to increase your followers or likes on Instagram, this is not one of those posts. I simply wanted to share with you guys some of my tips on how to actually improve your Instagram photos and there overall quality and content on your feed. I started my Instagram years ago and cringe when I look back at some of the photos I use to upload. Instagram has evolved a lot over that time and is all about quality over quantity and well edited shots. Heres some of my advice on how best to achieve this.
I could talk about this forever as it applies differently depending on the type of photo you are taking. Its always good to take a few practice shots from different angles before uploading your image to instagram that way you ensure you get the best from your photo - play around with the composition. For nature shots of trees or cherry blossom branches (a bloggers summer fav!) be sure ot find a nice balance of of the tree and the sky to create a pleasing photo.

Instagram photos looks best when you think about colour and how to works in relation to each picture. Photos on Instagram look great when they follow a colour scheme. Use pops of one bright colour showing up in small details in each photo, like an outfit shot with an orange hat and then the next shot being a tree with rust coloured leaves. It shows a viewer you think about each photo and how it relates to the last and is very visually appealing. Like wise staying clear of too many grey or dark tones or moody pictures so your Instagram doesnt look to dull is also equally important.
Always think about how your image will look next to your last image, this can make or break an instagram photo! You can upload the best image but if it clashes with the last image or looks to samey then it wont get the attention it deserves.

You can do wonders with your photos by not over doing it with the filters, be sure to try editing your photos first - removing shadows, adjusting the brightness and altering the saturation are the ones I use most often.
I personally like to keep my images consistent in style and editing so that my Instagram images follow and look well together, because of this I mainly stick to one filter which in Gingham. Have a play around and see which one works for you and your style.

Use height to your advantage, some objects look great shot from above and I also find this works best for a flattering angle on selfies. For these types of shots I use a cheap selfie stick, make sure the daylight is in front of your image so you dont get any overcast or unwanted shadows.

Flat Lays:
I like to mix it up when shooting a flat lay, choosing a background to suit what Im snapping. A throw or rug are great for soft items to create texture and depth and table shots are great for beauty, food and flowers. When using a table I like to use a different selection, for autumn snaps I opt for using my dark wooden dining room table to create a rustic vibe. For a clean modern shot I use my light wood scandi style kitchen table keeping the shot light and airy. If the daylight isnt great I use a white glass table to reflect the light and create a good shot without that dreaded yellow tint from indoor lighting. 


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