My Maternity List...

Sunday, November 13, 2016

my maternity listNow that Im in the 31st week of my pregnancy (eek that came around quick!?) Im constantly thinking about all the things we still need to get for the baby and for the nursery. Ive been making lists and have gone on a bit of a rampage of worrying that our house wont be warm enough for a new born so I have Dave googling insulation and new radiators... While there is still loads of practical items we need I wanted to do a little wish list of items I would like for myself next year, kinda practical but not essential either..

Im thinking a nice cosy dressing gown & slippers would be good for next year for late night feeds and days I dont wanna get dressed til mid day. I probably wont have a lot of time for pampering or you know hot showers so a good face mask and nice smelling perfume might help me feel semi normal on days when I look a little worse for wear. All my friends say when your baby arrives you dont get a cup of hot tea or coffee again so Ive already invested in a cute thermal cup that I can use in the hopes of getting a hot drink now and then. Ive also heard if breastfeeding (which I hope to try and do) you need snacks and lots of them to hand at all times so some nice luxury flavoured chocolates might be a nice treat! I love the idea of having nice music playing around the house next year in the hope to keep baby and me calm and chilled and Oh Wonder is a band I listen to weekly so could see this becoming a popular favourite with Baby Mcg too!
Lastly not really for me per say but I just adore this little baby's first outfit and the love idea of having a fancy wee outfit for Baby Mcg to wear when coming home from the hospital.

Id love to hear what items any mums out there couldnt do without when on matenrity leave, practical or not. Ill add them to my excessive list making!!

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