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Monday, October 03, 2016

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I know my posts have been a little preggo heavy recently, I hope you guys dont mind!! As Dave & I decided not to share our news on social media until Id had my 20 week scan I have some catching up to do. I wanted to share my pregnancy must have items, these were the items I couldnt live without in the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy and some Im still using even now.
Maternity stretch mark oil from Boots is something I bought quite early on and have been using it daily ever since in the hope of preventing the dreaded stretch marks. I find this oil easily to apply, odourless (essential if your feeling nauseous) and quickly absorbent. Mum & Me bump bath soak was a gift from a friend and I LOVE this stuff! Ive been having baths a lot to help with aches and pains and the smell of this stuff is so relaxing, Ive nearly used the whole bottle already. Other essential items are body lotions again to help keep my skin moisturised and help prevent any stretch marks, currently Im used cocoa butter & Highland body lotion.

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During the first 15 weeks or so I got super bloated anytime I ate anything, so annoying and painful! I tried loads of different things but I read online that fresh lemon in water was meant to help and this is something I lived on! I took slices of lemon in my handbag to work and everywhere I went, thankfully my bloatedness has disappeared now but I still keep a few lemons in my fridge just in case!

home and family blog ukAgain in the early days of my pregnancy I got the dreaded morning sickness, except it struck me more in the evenings than any other time of the day. An old pregnancy favourite- ginger biscuits worked a treat, Ive never been a fan of ginger or ginger biscuits but I wolfed this down for the first 14 weeks.
Other essential items I couldnt do without now that Im a bit further along at 25 weeks are my V pillow and hot water bottle and plenty of stretches every night to help with leg cramps, the joys of pregnancy!
Id love to hear anyone's experiences or must have items to help them through pregnancy, or any tips for shifting cramps and aches and pains which seem to my stumbling block the past two weeks!

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