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Monday, September 19, 2016

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The past few months have gone by in a blur, and although I am now into my second trimester I wanted to share some info about my first trimester with you guys. Dave & I decided to wait until after our 20 week scan to announce my pregnancy on my blog or facebook and chose only to share the news with close family and friends. This was mainly because we were worried and wanted the reassurance from the 20 week scan that so far everything was ok with our baby.

My 1st Trimester, the details...
14th May,
9pm: first test came back positive...
10pm: back in Tesco buying more tests to double check the first was right.
11pm: All emotions all at once-  shock, surprise, happiness, scared...tears and hugs
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27th June,
12 week scan - more tears, more emotion, amazing to see our tiny baby on the ultrasound with legs in the air. Now 11.2 weeks pregnant.

May & June were hard as morning sickness hit me but it was mainly confined to the evenings so I could hide it from people and I survived by secretly munching on ginger biscuits and eating nothing but tomato soup and fruit. I didnt really get any tiredness but I did get really bad bloating whenever I was able to eat, I tried lots of things but what worked for me was fresh lemon juice in my water. I still relay heavily on this now..
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1st July - 6th July,
Started to tell brothers and sisters on both sides of the family - so great to see their reactions and finally be able to talk about it!

11th July,
The sickness starts to disappear and I can eat dinners again hooray!
Baby Mcg is now the size of a passionfruit!
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First Trimester:
Hair & Skin: Hair seemed a little thicker than normal but nothing out of the ordinary as I have always had a lions mane! Skin flared up instantly I think due to all the emotions and lack of sleep on those early days.
Fatigue: Didnt seem to have any even though my body clock was way off and id wake most days at 5am.
Dreams: Had loads of crazy dreams about our baby, about being under prepared and not having even bought nappies when the baby arrived. Silly things like that. I also had a very vivivd dream of me feeding our baby and knowing whether it was a girl or boy which turned out to be right as we found out the sex in our later scan! (details of this to come in a later post!) :)
Random: I cant seem to be able to brush my teeth without gagging, so flipping annoying!

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Weeks: 22 weeks.

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  1. My morning sickness was worse in the evening too - and I always gagged when brushing my teeth. It made me scared to brush my teeth and even now, with an almost 16 month old, I still get the odd flashback when brushing my teeth and sometimes I'm actually sick. Weird, huh!

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