7 Tips for a Good Night Sleep...

Sunday, September 11, 2016

7 tips for a good night sleepEveryone knows the importance of a good night sleep, when I was little my mum always told me everything will seem better after a good sleep and she was always right. A restful undisturbed sleep can do wonders for your health and well being and ensures you can tackle any challenge a working day can throw at you.
So today I thought I would share with you guys my tips to getting a some shut eye...

#001 Dim the lights: Half an hour or so before I get into bed I like to dim the lights, turn off the over head bright lights and turn on my bedside light while I brush my teeth, get into my pj's and potter about. The darker atmosphere helps to relax me and makes me sleepy and ready for bed.

#002 Say no to the phone: This is one I must say I find it hard to stick to but again an hour or so before bed I try not to look at my phone & make sure to turn down the brightness of my screen and set my phone on silent so it doesn't disturb me while I am sleeping.

relaxation and getting a good sleep#003 Read a book: I used to go to bed and dream of work and tasks from my day which drastically affected my sleep, so now I like to read. Reading a book is a great way to tune out, relax and unwind.

#004 Have a cup of herbal tea: Avoiding caffeine before bed is an obvious one but I find including a cup of herbal tea before bed helps to relax me and set me up for a good sleep. My personal choice would be peppermint tea but recently we have been experimenting with Dr Stuarts teas such as Tranquility tea & Valerian tea.

autumn favourites#005 Exercise: Not necessarily one to tackle right before bed but at any point during the day- a run, a brisk walk any sort of exercise helps you to de-stress and also tires out your body helping you to get over to sleep.

#006 Open a window: Maybe this is just me but I definitely sleep better with a window open, fresh air circulating round the room stopping the room from getting too stuffy or warm always ensures I sleep more soundly.

#007 Make a list: If like me you go to bed with a million and one things playing on your mind keeping you awake I thoroughly recommend keeping a note book beside your bed. Listing all those tasks, worries, notes down to get them out of your mind. This will help you to rest easy knowing they are noted down and wont be forgotten!

Thank you to everyone who commented, tweeted, emailed me regarding my last post! Dave & I loved reading everyone's messages and are so excited to share the journey of parenthood here on my blog! xx

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