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Thursday, June 16, 2016

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Life seems to have passed by in a sunny haze these past few weeks. Ive been spending my time the same as I always do, walking my dogs with Dave, attempting little DIY's around our house which always turn out to be harder and more complicated than we first think! Trying some new summer salad and smoothie recipes and basically enjoying my garden in the sunshine.

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I feel Ive been in a blogging slump recently Im not sure why, I still love blogging and coming up with new ideas its just finding the time to put them into action and knowing the right direction and feel to take my blog this year. Anyone going through the same thing? Would love to hear how any of you get over a blogging slump and get yourself motivated again!

northern ireland style blog irish fashion blogJacket: Cristina Gavioli
Dress: H&M
Belt: Asos
Sandals c/o Rebel London
Glasses c/o Specsavers

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  1. I know exactly how you're feeling, V!
    I've found it helpful giving myself 'permission' not to blog or stick to any specific posting schedule - just blogging as and when I feel like it has been really freeing! Capturing the fun of it again :)
    Not sure if that helps at all but I feel like we're in the same boat! Life has gotten so busy with wonderful routines and exciting things - it's hard to know when to fit blogging in, even though I still love it!

  2. You look fantastic here, I know what you mean about struggling with inspiration recently, it is tough out there!

    Maria xxx

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