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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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A few weekends ago Dave & I decided to go exploring at a local reclamation and salvage yard. We were on the look out for an old wooden beam for our new fireplace that we are having built in our living room. After researching fireplaces (by this I mean extensive trawling of pinterest) I came across this design and knew this is what I wanted to achieve in our living room.
We had driven past Wilsons Yard many times but never ventured in and on a sunny Saturday afternoon it really was an incredible place and will now be a local haunt for Dave & I to get inspired and pick up unique finds for our home.

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Dave and I spent over an hour wondering around the gardens and individual showrooms, some featuring nothing but old cast iron fireplaces, others filled with claw feet baths, no two rooms were the same. What I loved most was the mix of decades and styles, there was something to suit everyones tastes. Dave wouldve walked out with the dark green Irish post box if he could have! Instead we walked away with a gorgeous treated old beam perfect for the mantelpiece for our fireplace. 

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  1. I love a good rummage, London has some amazing yards but they're tricky without a car :( I did see a totally carry-able executioner's axe at one though!

    Your fireplace/mantle design looks lovely :)

    Becky | accoohtrements life, travel + design blog

  2. Oh, these shots are beautiful and your hair is so stunning!


  3. Nice photos :)
    Maria V.

  4. The photos are brilliant, Vicki. I definitely need to look out for some good salvage yards in Dublin (if there are any :-))