The May Edit..

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Id like to call this a new little feature I plan to do called - Wishlist Wednesdays but as Im not that regimented with my posting, Ill maybe aim to do it once a month to start with. Since buying our house last year Im much more of a window shopper gal and way less of an impulse shopper, thats for sure! I take my time and weigh up how much I need certain items before I make the purchase. Hence why little wishlists appear on my pinterest and saved in my favourites more frequently now.
Homeware items are nearly always at the top of the list since we still have over half a house to decorate and in my mind feels a lot more practical than a new dress or shoes.. Even though I think Dave would debate how many more cushions or throws we actually need! 
I have my eye on this super affordable cast iron style bedframe from Ikea for our spare bedroom, it exactly the style I had in mind teamed with soft pink and khaki greens. The Maybelline eye palette is something that keeps catching my eye in Boots, its similar to the urban decay palettes but at a fraction of the cost.

Whats on your current wishlist, Id love to hear!!

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