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Sunday, April 17, 2016

home office

So I thought id share my little home office corner with you guys. Creating a space that inspires and feels fun was essential to me. Having a job that involves sitting at a desk in front of a laptop all day meant my home office had to feel different and be somewhere I would want to sit and blog or draw or sew.

home decor blog creating a home office

The most important piece of furniture for me was finding a desk that didnt feel to officey and that was actually nice to look at. A lot of desks I found were too big and man some of them are ugly. I spied this beauty in the new Ikea catalogue and knew it was perfect! I loved the bamboo wood top and the metal white legs. Paired with my turquoise metal xavier chair Im so pleased with how my little desk area turned out. I fell in love with this metal chair style as seen on pinterest and on many other blogs but I have to tell to say they arent too comfy for anyone looking to get one! A cushion is definitely needed and they can be pretty cold to sit on.

pretty pinboard lifestyle blog 
There are still a few little things I want to do, like attach my pegboard to the wall and put up a picture ledge above it so I can have a selection of prints on display. Ive re-used some of my old glossy boxes and added dymo labels to the ends for desktop storage. Underneath I have some circular hat boxes that store camera chargers, cables, film for my lomography cameras and other bits and pieces. My main storage is kept in the metal trolley also from ikea that stands beside my desk. This thing is so handy, I have all my wool and knitting needles in the bottom, paper, fabric paint & glues in the middle and then pens, pencils and spray paint in the top.

styling a desk blogger home officeLILLASEN Desk c/o Ikea
Trolley: Ikea
Chair: Cult Furniture
Pegboard c/o Red Candy
Wire Box: Tiger
Elephant sellotape dispenser: Tiger
Lamp: B&Q
Your a peach print: Oana Befort
Hat Boxes: Ikea
Notepad: Tkmaxx

My Big Blog Giveaway winner has been chosen at random: Claire Sen. Congratulations!!

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