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Sunday, February 21, 2016

teacup floral arrangement

For my hen party back in 2014 my three lovely bridesmaids collected vintage china sets and hosted me a mad hatters party complete with bunting, cake and pastry galore. Ever since that weekend my pretty vintage china has been wrapped in tissue waiting for another use. Today I decided to create a simple little table display using the cups as vases for a floral arrangement.

For this uber simple diy you will need:
Tea cups and saucers / scissors / flowers of your choice / foliage of your choice.

teacup flowers

You can pretty much use any flowers for this, smaller head flowers will work better as you can fit more in each tea cup and there is less risk that they will be top heavy and fall out of the cup. I used a selection of yellow roses and two tone germini. The foliage I used I cut from my own garden, again smaller leaves will work better in such a small container.

vintage flower diy

Start by filling each cup two thirds full of water, then cut the foliage down to slightly taller that your tea cup. Cut some stems shorter and longer to give depth and different heights to the arrangement. By adding the foliage first you can build up a round shape and then add just a few token flowers at the end. Once you are happy with the amount of foliage you have added, cut your flowers, again varying the length. If they tip out or are top heavy cut the stem shorter. Try and keep the number of flowers to an odd number 3 or 5 works well in a small tea cup.

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