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Sunday, January 31, 2016

must see tv series

When the weather outside is icy and cold and the ground is covered in snow, there are two things you can do. No 1. Build a snowman (while imagining the Frozen soundtrack is playing in the background obviously!) No 2. Curl up inside on the sofa with a comfy blanket and some hot popcorn and a great TV show.

In case dancing in the snow isn't your thing, I thought Id share my current favourite shows with you guys..

#1 Heartless - a Danish subtitle series currently available online on 4od, I got hooked on this a few weeks ago and have just consumed the entire first season. The story is set around orphaned twins Sofie & Sebastian who are some kind of supernatural humans who survive by sucking the soul/energy out of other people. Unsure who or what they are, they set out to find out who their mother is and why they are unable to just be normal teenagers. It is so so good. Its a little darker and more abstract than other supernatural series I have watched which have always tended to be US based shows, Heartless is a lot less squeaky clean.

popcorn and movies 
#2 Utopia - Brought out in 2013, this may be a show you have already heard of or seen, if not it is definitely worth a watch! Its classed as a Mystery/Drama/Sci-fi which is pretty accurate, its all about a graphic novel that holds creepy secrets about the government and science experiments conducted in the 1970's on going into present day. It follows a group of misfits who get caught up in a series of disasters and deaths after finding out the true meaning behind the comic. Twisted, intense, shocking and full of conspiracy.

netflix and chill 
#3 Jessica Jones - a Netflix original based on the superhero character from Marvel comics. This is one I didnt think would appeal to me as Im not a huge Marvel comics fan bar Iron Man, but after half an episode, scratch that after ten minutes I was pretty much obsessed. Main character Jessica is clearly very gifted as a PI, with super human strength and a troubled past which plagues her with nightmares. But in the first episode you see she cant out run her past and her previous tormentor Kilgrave is back in her life.

I have yet to watch House of Cards or Making a Murderer so these are definitely next on my list, but id love to hear what you are watching and what you would recommend! Have you watched any of the shows I mentioned above? Did you love or hate them? xx

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  1. I really liked Jessica Jones, i just binged watched it when it first came out. I need to get around to watch Heartless I just haven't had the time, I have so many other shows on my 'need to watch' list. (A few on my list are season 3 of Ray Donovan, Narcos, The Affair and Fargo)

    You should totally watch House of Cards, it is really good. I can also recommend 'The Newsroom' I looove that. Great actors and great writing. Making a murderer is good and it does get you sucked in BUT I do think the hype makes it to be more than it is. Like, it's good, definitely, but it's not amazing. The case itself is pretty jaw-dropping.

    (also come by my blog for an 'Origins' skincare giveaway which ends Feb 14th if you'd like)

    - LS

  2. I haven't watched any of these - I do love house of cards though but it isn't for everyone x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

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