A festive day in photos...

Friday, December 11, 2015

scandi christmas tree

This past weekend it finally felt like Christmas in my home and I thought id share a little break down of my day here on my blog in a photo diary. I have always loved those posts bloggers did where they shared a photo of every hour of a particular day. So that was my inspiration.

green smoothie 
9 a.m A green smoothie to start the day! Spinach, banana, apple, mixed berries & orange juice.


10 a.m After laying around in my pj's for an hour watching Married at first sight (is anyone else totally addicted to this show?!) its time for toast and fried eggs for me & cheese on toast for Dave.

christmas tree farm

11 a.m Off to the Christmas tree farm to pick out a tree! I go here every year with my parents to pick our their tree and its become a little tradition. Its such a festive place and picking out the perfect tree is so fun!

christmas clothing

12 p.m Festive day needs a festive hat! This pretty pud hat is a collaboration between F&F and homeless charities #fareshare & Trussell Trust. Helping a good cause at this time of year is always nice.

christmas crafts advent calender house diy

1 p.m Home to do some Christmas crafts! Ocean Finance challenged me to decorate this plain wooden advent calendar house. I chose to paint it in green, red, grey and white in a scandi style which would fit in with my other Christmas decor. Then hand stamped the number for each day on the doors. For no.25 I spray painted wooden numbers in gold. Then all that was left was to add chocolates and put it on my mantle piece!

festive deer jumper

2 p.m Time for a change of clothes & hair! How cute is this little deer and robin jumper by Sugarhill Boutique.

christmas crafts 2

3 p.m More Christmas fun at a Christmas craft fair. Another Christmas tradition in our family- Dave & my parents usually go to the National Trust Rowallane Christmas Fair, this year we decided to try the one at the Argory.

succulents christmas in a small space

6 p.m Set up our little potted Christmas tree in the corner of our teeny snug room, stockings on the fire place & wreath on the front door. Then an evening of baileys over ice (for me) hot whiskey & sugar ( for Dave) and Santa Claus & Home Alone on the tv while curled up on the sofa. Great end to a great day.

What makes you feel festive? Do you have any fun family traditions?

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  1. Adore that wooden advent calendar - so cute!

  2. It sounds like you have a perfect Christmas-y day - I love the traditions of going to buy your Christmas tree and visiting the Christmas fair.


  3. Nice photos :)
    Maria V.

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