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Friday, October 09, 2015

irish-lifestyle-blog styling-a-denim-shirt  

These photos were snapped in a hot minute between cars driving by almost running Dave over and small kids stopping to watch probably wondering what we were doing. Oh the fun of outfit shooting!
It is very much starting to feel and look like autumn. Trees turning rusty tones of reds, inspiring my ever changing hair colour and making me re-think my wardrobe. No more pastel tones of summer Im craving emerald greens, tobacco and merlot reds. Plus you can never go wrong with a denim shirt in my book and I am loving this soft light weight one from Gant.

milk-carton-handbag how-to-wear-a-mac-coat red-wall2 fashion-style-blog-uk autumn-outfit-of-the-day red-wall

Mac: Cristina Gavioli
Skirt: River Island
Shoe boots c/o Glamorous
Glasses c/o Proopticals
Handbag: Ebay

My weekend plans are oh so glamorous! A weekend of repainting my hallway upstairs and down, we've chosen a bright colour called mint macaroon which I think/hope will look lovely! Then Sunday Im off to a product launch event for Christmas decorations, eh hello totally amazing! I am so exited for Christmas in my own home this year & cant wait to decorate the place to the max!

I'd love to hear your exciting weekend plans?

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  1. ooo this look is great, Vicki! I love the classy skirt and button-up combo but with a cute and quirky handbag!
    I'm glad you have such exciting weekend plans:) I don't have much going on - just hanging out!
    I can't wait to see how you decorate your place for Christmas!

  2. Lovely outfit! And I'm loving the backdrop - such beautiful pics.
    The bag is really cute and quirky. :)

  3. I really like the mix of dark and very light shades in this outfit. The striped skirt is fantastic and so is your coat. I wish the leaves were changing where I live but we'll have to wait a little longer.

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  4. you look so lovely & the red background <3
    we have same milk-bags <3


  5. You certainly know how to choose the background for your pictures. Is Northern Ireland particularly blessed for fantastic locations?

  6. I love these photos, that bag is so cute!

    Maria xxx

  7. You look so adorable with those glasses! :)


    P.s. Maybe following? :)

  8. Looking so cute. xx