Down by the waters edge...

Thursday, September 24, 2015


So this week Dave & I are on our holidays! We have spent the past few days exploring new places around Northern Ireland, eating Greek salads & endless bags of M&M's a weird but winning combo. Attempting and failing at some DIY projects in our new home which included fusing the lights for the whole place and calling upon my dad at 10pm to come sort us out. #fail

I am excited to put some much needed love and affection back into my little space on the internet now that I have a little time off.. With that said, here are some shots we took on a Nature Reserve just a l hour car ride and 30 minute ferry ride away at a little place called Ballyquintin.

asos-washed-denim-skirt nautical-striped-jacket irish-style-blogger uk-fashion-style-blogJacket: Topshop
Shirt: H&M
Denim Skirt c/o Asos
Boots: New Look
Glasses c/o Proopticals

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  1. Oooh, I adore these... such pretty compositions and I'm a sucker for gorgeous and natural surroundings!! Plus your outfit is the loveliest!! xo

    By The Shore

  2. Such gorgeous photos Vicki! Looks like a beautiful place to go and visit. I am completely with you on diy fails...I put so many holes in the wall trying to put up some lovely pictures straight. Even with a spirit level they are still so squint, so I've just left them like that as artistic licence! haha x

  3. I love quick little getaways that are close-by but still feel so far away. Sounds like you two are really making the most of your holiday. :)


  4. Exploring Ireland, eating salads, and scarfing down M&Ms... um, can we trade lives for like a week? That sounds a lot like something I could enjoy doing for a while. :D

  5. Hope you and Dave are having an incredible time! Sounds like you both are having an incredible time and these photos are so cute.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  6. Beautiful photos, hope you have a lovely holiday!

    Maria xxx

  7. I hope you and Dave having a brilliant time off, Vicki! It's wonderful to have some days to yourself to relax and unwind - preferably with a little exploring thrown in there too!

    I'm from Northern Ireland and it made me smile to see Ballyquintin featured. I actually had to Google what 'Bally' means because I realised for the first time just how many places 'Bally' prefixes in Northern Ireland!


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