My Home Office: Before Pics & Inspiration

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

how-to-create-a-home-officeThe idea of sharing any before photos of my new home before I had a pinterest worthy after photo kind of terrified me. There are so many amazing homes featured online that it can be intimidating. Faced with the job of decorating a whole home for the first time and on a budget the process of where to start left me staring blankly at each room for hours on end looking like Id lost my mind. Don't get me wrong I am super excited to get cracking but yea what do you do first? once you've moved all the boxes from room to room with hardly any furniture?!
So I decided to share the room we have decided will be Dave & I's shared home office, this room is the next biggest bedroom to our bedroom & was used previously as a guest bedroom. We decided that our priority was to have a big office with plenty of light were we both could feel inspired and work easily from home. It will be somewhere for blogging & crafting for me & somewhere for Dave to work from home & also create music which is a big hobby of his.

create-an-inspring-officeSo far it ain't much to look at, we literally threw in our desks and bookcases and haven't done much else. What we had in visioned for this room was a separate desk area on either side of the window for us, storage down the other two walls you can see. With extensive storage for all of Dave's records & a gallery wall. I want to add pops of colour but keep most of the furniture white in keeping with our desks & bookcases. We plan to keep the neutral carpet to keep costs down at the minute, paint the walls and add some fun office accessories!

office-inspiration budget-office-ideas blogger-office-ideas Here is a little inspiration Ive been gathering from Pinterest, I want the office to feel functional but not cluttered, fun but not clinical or cold. Ive also been toying with the idea of a feature wall in a colour, maybe mint blue?
But wall to make the feature of? The back wall or the wall with the window to which our desk will sit against? Love to hear your advice! :) xx

Hope you like this little post, my plan is to share photos along the decorating process of each room so you can see how each space comes together from start to finish!

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  1. you should totally make an accentuated wall with a pretty neutral wall paper like the one in the picture!

  2. Really love your inspiration, Vicki! I can't wait to see the progress you and Dave make on decorating your home. You have such a creative eye, I just know your place will be one of those Pinterest-worthy homes that begs to be shared all over the Internet :)
    Good luck and happy decorating!

  3. What a wonderful big room! I think I'd make the feature wall the wall with the window, then have little coordinating pops of the same colour on the back wall. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the space.


  4. I love the colour schemes you've been looking at, I love the overall clean feel but with the colourful accents too. I really love that last one, the hanging plant and the touches of colour are really pretty. Hope the decorating all goes well! - Tasha

  5. Great post!! i love the table and the cool wallpaper
    Would love to take few ideas from here to incorporate to my space.
    I also read a great post on home office idea;

  6. I also take inspirations from shelves or racks that promote an open concept to display things. Not only are they useful in organizing stuff, but they provide an easy retrieval system as well. Furthermore, their removal process is also hassle-free and takes very little effort.