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Sunday, July 05, 2015

hallway-home-decor As Dave & I prepare to move into our new house, Ive been acquiring little things along the way and honing our style and thinking about what we want to achieve in the house decor and diy-wise. It'll be a project for a long time but Im so excited to put our own stamp on things.
One thing we got recently was this amazing industrial style console table from Steel Magnolias. Our initial take on home decor is definitely eclectic, mid century modern mixed with an industrial edge, which is why we loved this table! It would fit in perfectly!

how-to-style-a-console-tabl Styling a console table especially if its set up near your front door is very important. Its one of the first things people will see when they enter your home and you want it to capture and show off your aesthetic.
Important things to consider are what kind of things do you need in this key spot:
If your console table is like mine without a drawer then wire boxes or apple crates can hold things such as shoes, scarfs and bits and bobs without looking cluttered. Maybe hang wall hooks above for keys or place a decorative bowl on the table that you could set them in when you get home.
A nice table lamp can really bring your entrance hall to life, opt for one in a similar style to your table to pull your decor together.
Decorative items:
I tend to keep my decorative items quite minimal and uncluttered. A nice plant such as a cacti, succulent or ivy are nice additions to console tables. Or why not try stacking colourful books, displaying a collection of photo frames in different sizes or a selection of candles in pretty containers.

home-decor-lifestyle-blog styling-a-hallwayConsole Table c/o Steel Magnolias
Wire Lamp: BHS
Retro Phone: c/o Flamingo Gifts
Orla Kiely Mug c/o Flamingo Gifts
Pink Plant: Borrowed from my mum
Wire Storage Box: TK Maxx
Books: available on Amazon & in Waterstones.
Orla Kiely Tool Box: Gift from Dave

(FYI) These photos where taken in my parents house, when I finally get into my house and set my table up properly I might change the items I chose to display. But ill be sure to re-feature it here to show you guys!

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  1. omg your phone is so cute! I want it

  2. What an adorable table- and I absolutely love the arrangements and decor. Are you going to be sharing a home tour by any chance?


  3. Thant phone is sooooo cute. Love the table too!
    Sheree x

  4. Like the last photo :)
    Maria V.

  5. I love how you've styled this console table - and I love all of the little decor pieces individually too - I've been wanting to get one of those old style telephones for a while now. I'm also really sorry I never replied to your enquiry about my globe on my blog a few months ago - does having a baby in the meantime acquit me!? I got the globe in Waterstones in Scotland about 3 years ago - they tend to stock up on nice globes close to Christmas but usually carry a few all year round. Did you get around to checking out Carolyn Donnelly's range in Dunnes Stores - I'm still obsessed - it's becoming something of a 'habit' now and I can't walk by a Dunnes without buying something from the range. My apartment is becoming one big shrine to her :)

  6. so lovely!


  7. These are some great ideas! Especially using the crates and wire baskets as storage, I did that for my apartment when I ran out of storage and I ended up loving the look! We love your blog at Hey Abigail :)

  8. This help me a lot! Thank you! You've earned a new subscriber :)