Little things lately...

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

little-things blogger-haul-magpiegirl uk-style-blog lifestyle-blogger-ukDay dreaming of being back in New York, a little illustrated memento I intend on framing for a gallery wall in my home.
My shiny new Kate Spade handbag just screaming for a trip out with a summery pastel outfit, too bad the cold rainy days have kept it hidden inside my wardrobe.
Trying out some new beauty products: Garnier cleansing water and some Rimmel lip liners in the attempt to better shape my lips.
My favourite necklace from the Williamsburg artist & flea market, no need for any other jewellery when I wear this little beauty.
Antique tea cup to add to my collection & some mint coloured scarves essential for brightening up my outfits and as a cosy touch thrown over my desk chair.

Sometimes the little things in life can make you smile on a dull cold day in June... Time for another cuppa tea and another episode of Once upon a time..

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  1. that necklace is stunning!!! (as are all these odds + ends!!) xo

  2. That necklace is divine!

    Maria xxx

  3. Your necklace looks really pretty and a little magical! I could do with a cup of tea too! xxx

  4. Hi! I'd like to ask where did you bought that? I love it, I got mine here!