Deck Chair Diy...

Friday, June 12, 2015

deckchair-diyA few weeks ago I was contacted and asked if I would like to accept a challenge to upcycle/diy a simple deck chair. I love these types of projects and while Im itching to get my hands on my new home to decorate and diy, I thought this would be a fun little project to try out!

chalk-paint-upcycleThis is the deck chair before hand, a plain untreated wood frame and a heavy canvas fabric seat attached to the top and bottom.
Along with the deck chair I was sent a £30 hobbycraft voucher to help with my project. With this I bought a selection of fabric paint to use on the canvas fabric that could be washed and wiped if needs be. I decided to paint the frame a pale dove grey, I mixed anthracite and white rustoleum furniture paint together to get the colour I wanted and set to work.
Once it was dry I decided to print different triangle shapes in the fabric paint on the canvas in the colours navy, aqua blue and a bright coral. For this I simply made the desired triangles out of potato stamps. So quick and easy!

garden-shabby-chic-diy deckchair-upcycle garden-upcycle-diyVoila! The finished article! Im really pleased with how it turned out :) What would you have done with this challenge? Id love to hear your ideas!

The deck chair & voucher were provided by Ocean Credit Cards, thank you for supporting the companies that keep The Magpie Girl alive and kicking!

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  1. This is amazing, what a great DIY!

    Maria xxx

  2. this is such amazing idea! i must make that chair for my granny :)

  3. This help me a lot! Thank you! You've earned a new subscriber :)