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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

homemade-diy-crafts-blogLife feels a little like a waiting game at the minute, waiting to get our new house keys, waiting to move, waiting to pack. Sick of waiting basically. So I thought id share of few things I've done/got/read recently...
The quilt above is a table runner I made in January, since last summer I've been getting back into sewing and attending a few classes. For Christmas my mum got me a one day quilting workshop for her & I to do together. My choice of fabrics kinda remind me of that cartoon show The Jetsons which is partly why I love it.

quirky-retro-home-decor-tipI am so excited to hang these distressed wooden circus letters in our bathroom. I think they will be a good pop of colour in our so far all white bathroom. I was even tempted to get YUM for our kitchen.

lifestyle-home-decor-blogNew home purchases: Mint clock from TK Maxx. Brass drawer pull handles from Ikea for a little DIY project. A little succulent I planted into a giant teacup. Paint testers in the attempt to try and find the perfect shade of grey for our bedroom that isn't cold, too dark or the colour of concrete. Its a pretty hard task!

uk-home-lifestyle-blogLastly my latest little addictions: 74% dark chocolate Ive always been a milk choc girl but this stuff is so good! My other little addiction is To Kill a Mockingbird, Im two thirds of the way through and savouring every page, I dont want it to end Im too attached!

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  1. Oh, To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favourite books of all time <3 It was a well-chosen GCSE text! You will read it again, again and again...I promise. I love those letters, maybe it's the colour, maybe it's the font. So much fun! xx

  2. You've been collecting together some really lovely pieces! I'm also a dark chocolate fan now after preferring milk chocolate for the longest time! xo

  3. TKAMB is SO good, one of my favourite books!

    Maria xxx

  4. Your table runner turned out so cute, I love the fabric!

  5. Love your table runner, looks very neat! For greys have you tried Dulux Polished Pebble? It's a soft, pale grey - quite warm, verging on a putty colour. I have it in my bedroom and love it. It looks great with pastels and turquoises.

  6. I love those wooden letters