Decorating a blank canvas...

Sunday, March 01, 2015

decorating-tips-home-decor-Hopefully if all goes to plan in the next few weeks Dave & I will be getting the keys to our new home. We will be home owners (eek!) of a new build house, a blank canvas nothing but cream walls as far as the idea can see. Which is one of the first things I hope to change! Colour is key!

Decorating a three bed house is kinda daunting. I remember wanting to re-do my room every other week when I was 16, but all I really did was add cheap coloured candles, the odd new poster and move my bed from one wall to another. Dave & I have decided to tackle our house slowly so as to not rush into buying or doing anything that in 6 months we dont like. Money is another deciding factor or the lack of it after we pay our deposit and fees. So at the minute Im thinking about wall colours for the kitchen, bathrooms and our bedrooms & flooring for the whole house.
We decided on wooden flooring for the hall & living room, carpet for the stairs and landing and a different wooden floor for our bedroom. After standing in B&Q paint swatch area for what can only be described as a embarrassingly long amount of time we realised we gravitated towards the same colours. Cool shades of pale greys,  washed out aqua blues and sage/mint greens which I think will be the colour palette for the kitchen and bathrooms.
Tk Maxx, Ikea and Next Home are places we visit more often than is probably normal, some staff are even starting to recognise us. Its just so exciting, I cant wait to start sharing our decorating plans from start to completion here on the blog. Fingers crossed we get the keys soon!! xx

Our previous little rented home that we furnished and decorated has been featured in Ikea Magazine, to read the article, just click here.

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  1. Ooh, exciting! I'm about to move again too. Even though it's to another rented property, it's owned by a family friend who will let us do what we like to it, so initially we're starting with exposed floorboards and white walls to make it our own over the next couple of years. Moving two months before the baby is due is gonna be tough but so much fun! My nesting instinct is going to go into overdrive! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the place :)

  2. Best of luck!! We moved in to our first house in October and after saving some more money we are now getting round to our customisations. New paint jobs, new floors as well :) Post some before & afters, I'd love to see it! x

  3. Oh Congrats, Looking forward to following along with your progress. We built our own home just over 3 years ago and it still isn't finished. I have greens, blues and grey too. I am always adding to it and now have to decorate our good sitting room. I only have two bedrooms finished. Once you start it is never ending. Love your old home on IKEA, very cool style...

    All things nice...

  4. Such positive and exciting news! Lovely to hear of your new home, I must admit that the desire to start a fresh and blank canvas is very much on our agenda too in the next few years.
    p.s I used to LOVE moving my bedroom furniture from one side to another, every weekend literally when I was a teenager ha!
    x x x

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