Storms End...

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

murlough-bay-storms-endLast weekend Dave & I decided to visited a Game of Thrones film location. It was the first full Saturday we have spent together this year as Dave has been studying for exams. We wanted to make the most of the day and explore somewhere new & where better than a Game of Thrones location!!

game-of-thrones-storms-end-This is Murlough Bay in Co Antrim it becomes the Iron Islands in season three of Game of Thrones. It is also the spot where Davos Seaworth gets shipwrecked after the battle of Blackwater Bay.

game-of-thrones-locations game-of-thrones-ireland-fil If you are ever visiting Northern Ireland this is definitely somewhere I would recommend. Its so beautiful and wild you can see why it would be perfect for a backdrop to any film or tv show. Maybe visiting in February wouldnt be the best time as although these photos look sunny and warm it was bloody freezing!!

lifestyle-blog-uk-ireland storms-end-game-of-thronesDave & I thought over the spring/summer months we would try and visit all the locations based in Northern Ireland and share our adventures here on the blog. :) Next we are thinking of visiting the Riverun or Winterfell locations.

storms-endThe beach at Murlough Bay may also be familiar to GOT fans, right here they filmed the scene where Theon Greyjoy rides the horse with his sister Yana. Pretty cool.. I love that more things like this are happening in Northern Ireland. It gets a bad rep sometimes and although we have had a rather checkered past for such a small country we make up for it with our beautiful scenery, good pubs and friendly locals.

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  1. looks like a beautiful location, glad you both enjoyed yourselves xx

  2. Ah It looks amazing,I honestly need to go out exploring more I always see people visiting amazing locations here in Ireland and I really should start doing the same! xx

  3. Uh YES, ABSOLUTELY share all the Game of Thrones adventures on here!! This place looks beautiful- all those happy flowers and that soft grass. This makes me want to move over there immediately and build a little house right on the Iron Isles ;) It must be so cool being there and imagining the scene you saw on TV. I'd totally act it out, haha

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  4. Would definitely love to go there at some point, I'm a huge GOT nerd. Went to the exhibition a couple of weeks ago, here are the photos I uploaded :)

  5. This looks beautiful! I have never seen GOT but with scenery like this, I could be persuaded! ;)

    Maria xxx

  6. How stunning is that beach? Sea with mountains in the background never fails to make me achey with wanderlust. What a fab idea to explore a bit! Looking forward to following along with your adventures :)
    Chambray & Curls

  7. It looks absolutely stunning! I'm travelling to Belfast in summer, can't wait! Sometimes the best places to visit are on our doorsteps. Gorgeous photography, as always! xx

  8. These photos are so pretty, I love the yellow flowers

  9. So gorgeous. Love the way your hair is extra vibrant against the neutrals, really stunning photography!