Book Review: The Great Interior Design Challenge Sourcebook.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

great-interior-design-challI recently instagrammed a photo of this book that Dave got me for Christmas & a couple of people asked me if it was any good. So I thought a little book review was in order.
For anyone who didnt see it on tv, The Great Interior Design Challenge was a show on BBC 2 searching for the best amateur interior designers and each week three would compete against each to decorate similar rooms in different properties to a brief with the home owners. I was hooked! Some of the epsiodes and designers were far better than others but with my own blank canvas home circling my mind it was great for ideas & the book is no different!

uk-craft-diy-fashion-blogge blog-book-review1The book is broken down into different sections from internal lighting, floors, colour, exteriors, types of fireplace and then also divided into sections for each room within your home. It goes into plenty of detail and has a way of not pushing any particular style on the reader. Instead it asks you to reflect on what matters to you in your home and encourages you to find your own style and décor, that there is no right or wrong way to decorate.
The layout of the book is really beautiful with a nice mix of stunning photography of inspiring homes, text and illustrations no one page is dull or skip worthy.

lifestyle-and-fashion-bloggI would thoroughly recommend this book, it would be a great gift and makes an excellent coffee table book but its also incredibly useful as well as beautiful. If you are buying a new home or renovating a room this book would be great for ideas and advice!

Hope you guys like my little review, I thought maybe Id do it again with more coffee table-esque books and maybe some fiction novels too? Let me know what you think or if you've read this book did you like it?

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