Animal Spotlight: Chomper the Yorkie.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

cute-yorkie-dogIf you've been reading my blog for awhile you'll know Im a huge animal lover, so is my entire family. Over the years we have had 10 dogs, 11 horses, 4 cats and 0 hamsters (much to my dismay as a kid) Pudding, Wiggley & Zippy- the 3 pugs who actually belong to my mum have got plenty of mentions on my blog and on my instagram & who could forget Bentley my dads great dane who even got a mention on the One Show the other night! #rockstar!
But someone who doesnt get enough mentions even though she photo bombs a lot of my outfit photos is Chomper, Dave & I's little yorkie.

cute-yorkshire-terrierI never imagined myself having a yorkshire terrier but Dave had always wanted one and he had never had a dog before?! Pretty much the opposite to my family! So back in 2012 we went and got this little furry bundle and our lives have been different ever since. Dave has taught her to recognise people by their names so she knows if Im coming home when he says 'Where's Vicki'. She loves Dave more than anything and follows him around & mopes when he's not around!

bloggers-pupThese photos pretty much sum up her life- sleeping on the sofa all day long, exploring the park sniffing at everything and chewing squeaky (annoying) toys while im trying to write blog posts distracting me!
Hope you guys like this little insight into my wee Chomper's life, I thought she deserved a little mention. :) Thank you to everyone who left me messages & tweets on my last post about new blog ideas, I really appreciate all your advice and opinions!

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