2015, Lets do this!!!

Monday, January 05, 2015

new-year-blog-resolutionsAs usual Im a little late in the blogging world with my new years resolutions post. Im never very good at keeping to resolutions and most years I dont set them. But this year, Ive felt really inspired to set them and stick to them, to improve on areas of my life that Id like to change.
Ive read a lot of blog posts were people have said 2014 wasnt a good year from them, good bye and good riddance. For me 2014 was a great year... Dave & I finally moved in together making a home together in a little rented house, we got married, went to Mexico on our honeymoon. It hasnt been plain sailing with us having to move out of our house as our landlord decided to sell up. Hopefully 2015 will bring us our very own home as we plan to buy in the next two months & other new and exciting things are on the horizon..

2015-new-year-resolutionsMy Resolutions are:
#1 Too worry and stress less,
some things are out of my control and obsessing about them will not help.
#2 To focus on my blog more: to make more time for it & to work on improving my photography.
#3 To exercise more, or even some would be a good start.

2014 was all about my wedding and a lot of other things fell to the wayside as preparations and planning took over. This year Im readjusting and trying to improve on myself and this little spot which has been a big part of my life for 5 years now...
Thank you to all my readers, followers & commenter's I never ever thought when I started this blog that I would still be doing it years later and that it would this important to me. It has with out a doubt changed me for the better, made me more confident and creative. Without all of you The Magpie Girl wouldnt be here today and I wouldnt be the same person... (sorry soppy overload!)
Be sure to let me know your resolutions & how you plan to tackle them!!

Happy New Year everyone, bring it on 2015!! :)

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  1. i love your new years resolutions!! i hope 2015 is amazing for you!! xoxo

  2. Ahh, you're much more on the ball than I am, Vicki! I haven't made any specific resolutions, and I find specific ones are the only ones that I can manage to keep! I think the New Year sneaked up on me - especially with relocating overseas only a few short months ago (now THAT felt like a 'new year').
    I wish you all the best with your resolutions! It's been so great getting to know you through the Magpie Girl and I hope this space continues to flourish along with you :)

  3. I also got married, went on Honeymoon & got a house with my husband in 2014! I like how simple your resolutions are x

  4. New Year's resolutions have been notoriously difficult for me to keep, in the past, and as we're nearly a week in already, I'm wondering whether to make any myself at all- maybe it would be best to just try my best each day and tackle new things as and when they crop up. I know what sorts of things are important to me, and setting deadlines has never helped me really :/ In the meanwhile I will enjoy taking inspiration from refreshing posts like this one, thank you Vicki, and best wishes to you and Dave for 2015 :)

  5. LOVE these resolutions, I definitely need to get back into exercising again!

    Maria xxx

  6. Great New Year's resolutions. They're so simple :) Wish you a better and more wonderful year :)
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