My City Guide to Belfast...

Friday, December 19, 2014

St Georges Market
12-20 East Bridge Street
St Georges Market is one of my favourite spots in Belfast, worth a visit at any time of year but especially around Christmas & New Year. Its an eclectic food and craft market, named UK's best large indoor market in 2014. Its a great place to wander with a lemon sugar crepe in hand browsing antiques, tables of cupcakes, stands of paintings, fresh vegetables & fish and hand made jewellery.

The Merchant Hotel
16 Skipper Street 
By far the most luxurious hotel in Belfast. A renovated former bank the building is beautiful inside and out. Be sure to stop by for afternoon tea or evening cocktails.

merchant-hotel-belfast the-merchant-hotel-belfast

Muriels bar
12-14 Church Lane
Themed on a 1920's hat shop, with washing lines hanging from the ceiling complete with  pegged lingerie, sheet music or sometimes santa hats. This bar is intimate, cosy and always popular so be sure to get there early & try their famous jam jar cocktails.

bars-in-belfast bar-guide-to-belfast 
1 Oxford Street
Simple, creative and modern. This bare brick stripped back contemporary restaurant has rasied the stakes in Belfast with amazing cuisine and a relaxed atmosphere.

The Grand Opera House
2-4 Great Victoria Street
A perfect place to spend New Years Eve, in this historic opera house eating ice cream, drinking sparkling wine and enjoying the shows currently available: Aladdin & Faulty Towers.


The Dirty Onion
3 Hill Street
A cool new bar in one of Belfast's oldest buildings hosting an array of music 7 nights a week, everything from blue grass to traditional Irish music. A great atmosphere, perfect place to relax with friends after Christmas.

70 Upper Church Lane
Situated at the side of Victoria Square Shopping centre Bittles is worth a visit even just for one drink in what is the narrowest bar in Belfast. It hosts Belfasts largest selection of draught, bottled beers & ciders.

The Titanic Building
1 Olympic Way
Last but by no means least is the Titanic building which needs little introduction. If you are visiting Belfast over New Year this is a must. The largest titanic attraction centre (and in my opinion one of the most amazing buildings in the city) in the world situated on the Harland & Wolff shipyard where the RMS Titanic was actually built.

Titanic-belfastI have wanted to do a little city guide on Belfast for the longest time, its a city that is continuing to grow, change and improve with new bars, restaurants and shops opening every month. It has a creative yet friendly vibe that tends to make tourists love it here and has always made me proud to tell people its where Im from. This is just a small selection of places worth a visit, if you guys like this type of post and would like to see more of this kinda thing please let me know below or on twitter. Maybe a focus on places to shop or cafes would be another avenue to explore?

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Tourism Ireland.

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  1. Cant wait to visit Belfast one day :)

    Tosin x

  2. Great post - would love shops and cafes ones too :) x

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