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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

So Im back from sunny Mexico! Our honeymoon was just amazing, we had the best time! I will be doing a little Mexico travel diary post soon showing all our touristy photos. I didnt take many outfit photos while I was away for two reasons, it got dark at about 5pm at which point I was on the beach with half the beach in my hair and nothing but a bikini on. Also it was Dave's honeymoon too and I really just wanted us to relax and enjoy the time together not thinking about anything from home.

These were the first photos I took, look at those pasty white legs! I hadnt meant to leave my blog without any fresh content for so long. Unfortunately a week before we left for Mexico we found out our landlord is selling our house and we need to move out. So I have been and will be for the next 10 days running round like a headless chicken trying to pack up my entire life.

redhead-blogger style-blog-uk-1 winter-sun-outfitDenim Jacket: Cristina Gavioli, T-shirt: River Island, Linen Shorts: Asos, Flatform sandals c/o Tamaris, Sunglasses c/o Cheap Monday.

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  1. Aaaw such lovely pictures! The denim jacket looks so cute with the yellow shorts and the shirt!
    Oh no crap, I'm sorry to hear about the house! That's not cool of your landlord! Especially not because of all this stress after such a nice and relaxing holiday :-/

  2. You're such a beauty Vicki, you look so cute girl! x


  3. Ah, such a shame to hear about your house ;(