How Ikea changed my home...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

decorating-with-ikeaA few months ago I wrote a post about working with Ikea on their upcoming project, on improving  mornings and nights around the house. Making getting ready for your day less stressful and more orgainsed. They asked me to keep a journal for a week on what things affect my sleep, my mornings and my evenings. Here is what I reported back to them: My main issue was sleep on an uncomfortable broken sprung mattress meant a relaxing nights sleep almost never happened. My second issue spread across different areas of my home- storage. I had no room in my wardrobe for anymore hanging space which lead to most mornings grabbing the first thing I could grasp and prise out. Storage of jewellery, make up and bathroom stuff was also an issue. Here were their solutions!

ikea-essentialsFirstly they tackled my bad nights sleep with a memory foam topped mattress, now I am toasty warm and not scared off rolling out of the bed on a dodgey spring! To tackled my bulging wardrobe issue they hooked me up with these super slim hangers that take up half the space of a normal hanger. These literally changed my mornings! For my jewellery I picked out these 3 in one boxes, theyre even pretty so I keep them out on display. For my bathroom they suggested a storage trunk, I opted for this one in white which matched the rest of bathroom. I store all my spare towels and extra toiletries inside. For my make up I got these nifty little perspex boxes, meaning I can sort my make up out into categories. (is it sad that kind of organisation excites me?!) Lastly not included on my list I had been searching for a laundry bin that wasnt an eye sore in my bedroom so when I spotted this one I knew it was essential!
So a special thank you to Ikea for helping me improve my days by implementing just a few key items which made a big difference. What items around your house organise your life that you couldnt live without?

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  1. Gosh I do adore Ikea! A comfortable mattress really does make all the difference!

  2. I love IKEA, they have some really lovely pieces in there!

    Maria xxx