Magpie Girl & Ikea's A to ZZZ's Project

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I love Ikea, I could spend a whole day (much to Dave's dismay) wondering around imagining that I own everything in store. I devour the catalogue every time it comes out, I mean it has some awesome stuff at prices I can actually afford. yay! So when Ikea contacted me about their new Wonderful Every Day campaign  & asked would I like to take part I of course said hell yes!
The focus is on making a better life at home first thing in the morning and last thing at night. By looking at what causes stress & irritability and finding Ikea ways to fix them.
Ikea asked me to keep a journal for a week. Listing what causes me stress and anxiety or lack of sleep in and around my bedroom and bathroom. Then reporting back to Ikea to find solutions to help.

Im off to Ikea this weekend to meet with the marketing team to see what ideas they have come up with to help my make my days more wonderful! Here are some of the issues I listed in my journal:
Issue 1. I usually wake through the night due to an comfortable nights sleep on my soft as a sponge mattress, which doesnt bode for the best start to the day!
Issue 2. Dash to get ready in the morning involves tripping over my shoes which are lined up along the bedroom floor due to lack of storage space.
Issue 3. Yet another storage problem with an overflowing wardrobe, I can never find what Im looking for!

I will be sure to let you guys know what tips and products they come up with to help me with my issues. Until then I thought id share with you guys some photos of my favourite Ikea products (shown above) already in my home.
Pendel Clock, Mint & Pink Brakig Chairs, Raskog Kitchen Trolley.

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  1. This is a really interesting campaign. School is what stresses me out the most so things that would keep me organized would probably help decrease my stress the most. I'm interested to see what they recommend to you!

    xo Ashley
    Lions Lace Lattes

  2. Congratulations for you! I'm sure that this campaign is very interesting and exciting for you!
    Can't wait to see the rest :)
    End of tenancy cleaning Clapham

  3. Looking forward to seeing what they recommend for you Vicki, I love Ikea too and have shopping lists on the website for each of the rooms in my house, and when ever I go to Ikea (maybe twice a year if I am lucky) I try to get at least 2 things off each of the lists. Its safe to say I will be very jealous of you in the post that follows this one up...

  4. I absolutely love IKEA, we have a lot of their furniture in our flat but my favourite piece is my little trolley- I use it to store all my make up!

    Maria xxx

  5. I once spent 8 hours in Ikea with my best friend. We found a cosy little office set up and sat in there for ages just chatting like it was our own home.

  6. oh yes, ikea is amazing. it's a place where i go and i feel like i was in different world. i go there when i want to rest of the world <3