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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Reading... Ive just finished reading Emma Donoghue's Room, I read it in two days. I couldnt put it down. Its the story told from a 5 year old boys point of view. His mother was kidnapped and abused and locked in a room where he was born and has lived his entire life without ever being allowed outside. Its sad but such a great read.
Wanting to... Get back into sewing. So from the start of September Im taking a sewing a class every week to brush up on my skills. First thing we will be making is a dress so Im off today to pick my fabric and pattern.
Wishing for... My honeymoon to hurry up and come around. Dave & I due to work couldnt go on honeymoon in May so we have booked two weeks in the Riviera Maya Mexico in November. I cant wait!
Missing... My sister, she moved across to the other side of the world to Ohio, for a job in May and I miss her a lot. Thank goodness for skype.
Guilty pleasure... As embarrassed as I am to admit this, Im sucked into the TV Show Melissa & Joey. Melissa Joan Hart is exactly how I remember her in Sabrina the teenage witch & I just think she is hilarious!
Craving... An Ulster fry with all the trimmings. After a late night last night my friends 30th, Im feeling worse for wear and craving salty fried food. yum!
Happy about... Finally sharing my wedding photos with you guys next week! :) Would you like to see the photos broken down into the wedding morning and evening or all the photos in one large post? What would be best?

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  1. Oh, I loved Sabrina the Teenage Witch!
    Looking forward to seeing how you styled your wedding, whichever way you choose to share ( :

  2. I loved Sabrina too, such a classic of teenage years. I didn't know she was still around and doing things. I'm really looking forward to seeing your wedding photos. Maybe sharing them in chunks makes it easier on loading times? But however you want to do it.

  3. I can't wait to see your wedding photos, I'm sure that this is exciting and for you to see all that awesomeness again :)
    End of tenancy cleaners Paddington

  4. Oh, I have to admit, I read Room for a Book Club and hated it. :(
    Yaaay for the sewing, though!!

  5. I did enjoy Room but felt the last third of the book was just flat for me!

    Maria xxx

  6. it seems like your honey moon is going to be a dream!