How to create a coffee & tea corner in your kitchen...

Sunday, August 03, 2014

making-a-coffee-tea-nookI put this little photo on my instagram a few weeks ago, showing how I changed an empty corner in my kitchen into something useful. A coffee and tea nook. It got such a good repsonse on instagram, I thought id share how Dave & I did it on my blog.
Items used:
Ikea Lack Shelf, cut down to size to fit space.
Ikea Grundtal Rail, we used the 40cm length
Ikea Grundtal S hooks.
Ikea Ekby Bjarnum Brackets. 2 pack

This corner is just above our washing machine, there are no sockets here & its shallow in depth- on the left you can see the window starts. This meant the space was never used, it became the untidy corner where mess seemed to grow and spill out across the worktop. A little trip to ikea give us the idea to reuse this space. As our house is rented we were keen to not put too many holes in the walls (we asked could we put a shelf up.) So to double the use of the shelf we fixed a rail to the bottom of the shelf- which meant not putting an extra 2 holes in the wall. Then we attached butcher hooks to hang our favourite cups from.
I placed some of my teapots on top and our coffee press below & viola! Our little coffee and tea corner was complete! I hope you guys liked this post, let me know if you'd like to more of this kinda thing! xx

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  1. I adore this and would love more posts like it! Tea & coffee make a home cozy, as do clever set-ups like this one.

  2. Looks very good, simple and think that will can make it alone.

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  3. this is so brilliant!!! i think i may use something like this for our bathroom (the little rail would be perfect for hanging up a wash cloth/towel) xo

  4. Love it, such a great use of the space!

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