Magpie Girl Home Tour....

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Magpie-Girl-home-tourA few weeks after Dave & I got married contacted me with an exciting project they were working on- Made Unboxed. An online community of real people and real homes. Kinda like a pinterest dedicated just to homes and the people that live in them. You can browse these amazing homes and the products they have bought from, buy those products if you fancy or even contact the owners about a non made item in their home.
They sent a photographer to our home to take some shots of Dave & I and our home. We had only been in our home 2 months at the time so I was a little panicked by how unfinished the decor and furnishings were.

decorating-your-home-in-pas Home-decor-and-styleOur living room has changed a little since these photos were taken, the little sofa shown above has moved over to the window and we bought a bigger grey sofa from Next. Our living room is an odd shape so trying to break the room into a dining area and living area was important to maximise space.

You can see the rest of my Unboxed images at here.

decorating-a-rented-houseIf you would like to know where anything is (that I havent listed below) from just leave me a comment below, or ask me on twitter @themagpiegirl.

Little Sofa & patterned chair: Parker & Knoll suite taken from my grandparents house which I then had reupholstered to modernise. Tripod Lamp c/o, Tray Table: Ikea with legs painted white in annie sloan chalk paint, Hamper: Stolen from my dad, Dvd stands x 3: Ikea, Coffee table: Thrifted cable spool, Pink & Mint chairs: Brakig Chairs, Dining Table: upcycled and painted with chalk paint.

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  1. Where did you get the letters on the mantlepiece from? They're beautiful!

  2. Aw your new home looks adorable! I love those tall DVD stands.

  3. What a lovely home, I think it looks really homely for having been there such a short time, Meabh.

  4. Oh wow, your house is just lovely Vicki x

  5. Lovely house! Like colour of the couch very much! The coloured chairs are cute too.
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  6. gorgeous lounge, love the fire place & touches of pastels.

    Mel x

  7. Your house looks so perfect Vicki - I'm very jealous as I sit in my tiny 1 bed flat in London right now. I love and that light has been top of my wishlist for ages! Thanks for sharing and so happy you're settling in to your new abode!

    Jac x

  8. Love your home and the colored accents in it! And i have that feeling of a real home. Great job!
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  9. Oh your living room is beautiful, I love it!

    Julia x

  10. your home is lovely!

    ah made, what did we do before you?!


  11. Your home looks lovely, so beautifully styled, homely and inviting. I love that your lounge furniture isn't all the same, the feature chair is a great focal point and looks super stylish, you follow a colour theme of neutrals and pastel so the space is interesting but not chaotic. Fab pics :O)

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