Home Decor updates & Great Dane doggie pics..

Monday, July 07, 2014

great-dane-doggie-walk photographing-flowers victoria-sponge-cake creating-a-gallery-wall decorating-a-rented-house great-danesSo yea this post was meant to be up last night but time got away from me..again!
This weekend was spent:
# Skyping with my sister in Ohio, going on a Great Dane Doggie Walk (eh yea amazing!) there were about 25 Great Dane's in total. The harlequin (blk & white one) in the top photo is my dads great dane Bentley.
# Baking and eating cake which will be feature on my blog soon.
# Planning a gallery wall in our living room
# Finally getting Netflix hooked up on my tv & getting our tv nook looking more attractive with Ikea Brakig boxes, these awesome little wooden dip dyed storage pots from UO and a print by Emma Block.

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  1. Gorgeous dogs..Look at them they love the beach :-) Your bookcase is rocking some good titles that I have here..Books I'd like to read again..very cool :-)

  2. Wow, such amazingly pretty decor!
    Great Danes look so clumsy sometimes... Are they? :) x

  3. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I love your photos!

    Cat from

  4. Love your photos, as always!!

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