Decorating your home with cacti & succulents...

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

home-decor-with-succulents;postID=8385869655478258291;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=112;src=linkCacti and Succulents are definitely having a moment... they are bang on trend and are all over home interior magazines, blogs and pinterest. I have always been a fan of both as they are long lasting and more importantly hard to kill unlike the elusive orchid plants which no matter what I do I manage to kill.
I love plants in my home, they add a warmth to a room I find and are cheaper than buying flowers every single week. There are many different places and ways you can incorporate cacti and succulents in your home. Here are some of my tips...

home-decor-tips01 When buying your cacti and succulents opt for different types, in various shapes, sizes and textures this make it more interesting to group pots together or plant more than one in a pot.
02 Use specialist soil from a garden centre specific to replant your cacti, it has the best drainage for your plants which do not like to be over watered.
03 Make sure to place your plants in a sunny spot, they can look great scattered along your mantelpiece, placed on top of a pile of books (like this image on my instagram) or on a windowsill.

home-and-lifestyle-blogAnother great tip is to plant your cacti or succulents (how many times have I used those words!) out in different containers. I used terracotta pots that I painted with duck egg blue paint, a glass cube vase and oversized tea cup. You can literally use anything, a spray painted tin can, an old boot (think WallE) or maybe old vintage metal storage tins.

uk-lifestyle-blog-magpiegir home-snippets-blog-home-touAnd voila pretty plants that are oh so fashionable and look great anywhere. :)

Hope you guys liked this little post, Im gonna try and do more room tours, diys and decorating tips on the blog & make them a more regular thing.

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  1. I love the idea of easy to manage plants as I seem to kill mine with love (ie too much watering) succulents look like fun but caccti give me too many childhood visions of prickly moments :o) x

  2. as an arizona girl, I'm all about southwestern plants as flair! Gorgeous :)
    (I love mexican blankets too!)

  3. These are so cute! I've just signed the lease for my new flat and can't wait to get my own mini succulent garden going on the window ledge! x

    The Little Things

  4. Loving these decor posts (mostly because I'm nosey!), I just planted a little cacti garden myself, I'm hoping they're as resilient as people say they are! Meabh

  5. I hope my cactus-caring skills improve soon, Vicki, mine is slowing wilting unfortunately :/ I love house plants though, they bring such a fresh feel to the house, and I always try to have fresh flowers from the garden in the bathroom and my bedroom :)

  6. My grandparents had quite a few cacti, they're so easy to look after. I love that you have one in a teacup, it's so cute!
    Rubi | The Den

  7. Flowers are important. Your little cacti collection looks so lovely ! <3

  8. You have wonderful cactus collection, all of them are very cute :)

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