Gingham in Glasgow...

Monday, June 02, 2014

This weekend I spent some quality time with my brother and Dave in Glasgow were my brother is currently living. Its such an amazing city, we wandered the west end on Saturday visiting little pubs and cafes and boutiques along the way.
I wore this little gingham smock dress, I know smock dresses have been a big trend for a long time and although Im not a fan of body con or figure hugging clothes smock is something slightly out of my comfort zone too. I find it a hard balance to make it look chic and loose and not like im actually 4 sizes bigger than I am. Does anyone else find this with smock clothes?

Anyway I love this dress and might even say Im a smock convert...maybe!

irish-style-blogger redhead-style-blogger uk-style-blogger uk-fashion-blog gingham-glasgow2 
It wouldnt be a trip to Scotland without a stop of at Tinderbox for an icebox coffee and a stop at Cafe Go Go for a veggie fry with grilled halloumi cheese. Yum!

Dress c/o Glamorous, Peach Coat: H&M, Bag: Kate Spade, Necklace: Fashion Souk, Pumps: M&S.

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  1. I totally get the smock thing,I'm pretty short which doesn't help matters either! I think this one is beautiful though! Maybe I'll give them another go! Méabh

  2. Lovely outfit - that dress is so pretty! I totally agree about the smock thing - they tend to make me look like a square with legs which isn't so flattering. :)

  3. Beyond gorgeous Vicki, your dress is just so perf x


  4. I think this smock dress is a perfect fit on you. It's not swallowing you at all though I understand why you'd be worried about that. I worry about that with clothes with less shape too. This dress is adorable though and so summery!

  5. I love the way your glasses match the dress. I like to think of them as being challenge dresses, where it's all about accessorising which is a lot of the fun of fashion anyway.

  6. Oh girl, you can totally pull off the smock look! I have the same fears about looking bigger than I am in smock dresses, but I try to balance that out by choosing a smock dress that shows a bit more leg (much like yours in these photos). That dress is ah-mazing on you - so light and summery, especially with that gorgeous lip colour :)

  7. I absolutely can't wear smock dresses, I don't feel comfortable in them at all -always make me feel so much bigger than I am :(
    I love the way you've styled yours and you're obviuously one of those people who can totally wear them and make them look fab!x x

  8. I feel the exact same way about smock dresses. I always feel big when I wear mine. I must say I love yours and you still look very petite in it, so maybe it's all in our head.

  9. A gingham dress ignited my love for smocks too! You look gorgeous xx

  10. That dress looks gorgeous on you Vicki! I love smock dresses and I love gingham so this is pretty much dress perfection to me :)

  11. You look perfect with that dress, like the glasses too. I think that the smock dresses make me look enormous and I don't wear it, but you are perfect!
    House Cleaning Fulham

  12. cute and pretty...nice dress...


  13. I had my eye on that dress too but wasn't sure if I could pull it off without it looking like primary school summer dresses (it's only because i've hardly grown since then... ha) but it looks so lovely on you! I love smock dresses and gingham! x

  14. This dress is so pretty on you!

    Maria xxx