Magpie girl goes to Lusty Beg Island...

Sunday, May 25, 2014

After Dave & I's little trip to Cork we drove up to Fermanagh for a nights stay on the amazing 75 acre Island known as Lusty Beg Island. On first arrival we took the short ferry ride over to the island which was an experience in itself as the ferry is only big enough to hold two cars and a few people. The sun was setting and we were met with the most breath taking views over the surrounding lakes and jetties.

lustybeg-island-review2 lustybeg-island-review 
We were told by staff that  the island was fully occupied that night with a wedding happening later in the week with most of the guests flying over from New Zealand. Yet on arrival the place was so peaceful you felt you had the place completely to yourselves..

We were staying in a lovely little wooden cabin over looking the lake, with luxurious furnishings and rainfall shower. We were treated to a two course meal and drinks once we had checked in and gathered our bearings. Then we explored the island.
lustybeg-island-review6 lustybeg-island-review7 
The next morning after a full Irish breakfast, we headed to the Island Spa for their infamous Seaweed detox leaf bath- using only organic products and hand picked seaweed from the Atlantic Irish coast.
Dave & I enjoyed the steam room first to open our pores then relaxed in the seaweed hot baths with cava, strawberries and lemon infused water. The seaweed relaxes the muscles, detoxes, and helps skin renewal... Pretty blissful really!

lustybeg-island-review3 lustybeg-island-review4 
Before we packed up and said goodbye we took one final explore along a natural trail, down one coast of the island.. Although the weather pretty much rained our whole stay the Island was so pretty you couldnt help but fall in the love with wandering around exploring this little untouched paradise. It truly is an amazing place...

Dave & I's stay was courtesy of Lusty Beg Island, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. That's a very cute island - I've never heard of such a small island before! Looks like you had a very relaxing stay!

    Saskia /

  2. Looks like an amazing place to stay. Hx

  3. OH MY, that's fucking paradise, it's what it is! What a dream...! It's a shame I couldn't make it to County Cork when I was in Ireland in April... next time maybe xx

  4. Looks like you had a great time - oh, how I wish for a get-away! How was that bath? Did you feel any different after that?
    Anami, xx

  5. great place and getaway for a couple. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Looks incredible, you two are so adorable! Glad married life is treating you well! xx

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