Guest Post with Love Cloth

Thursday, May 08, 2014


Hello little magpies.
I am very excited to be taking over Vicki’s blog while she’s off getting wed. EEEEExciting!
I’ve never done a guest post before, so excuse me if this isn’t how it goes. When Vicki asked me to feature on her blog, I jumped at the chance. After debating what to do, I thought this was a good opportunity to get behind the camera and brush off some photography skills.
lovecloth-blog-guest-post2 lovecloth-blog-guest-post3
It’s great to meet up with other bloggers and I’m so glad I’ve found this little magpie living nearby. We decided to head into Belfast and take a venture to the riverside. Unfortunately some crazy winds over shadowed the glorious sunny, warm day. As you can see both of us wearing perfect wind blowing items meant this may not have been the wisest of ideas that day… but a trip to starbucks later for a good natter made up for it. lovecloth-blog-guest-post1 

Vicki’s H&M skirt was having a field day in the wind (a bit like my hair ha) … its so feminine and floaty and I love how she teamed it with a T-shirt to toughen the look up slightly. Perfection.
I on the other hand was playing more of a risk with these gales in my short Minkpink dress… never to worry I always have my little black cycling shorts underneath for such eventualities ;) to see more of my look and thankfully not my undies… head on over to love cloth.

That’s it from me lovelies…until next time!

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  1. Both of your outfits are beyond lovely!

    Rosie x

  2. You both just look stunning,as always! Such perfect outfits x


  3. What a great post, Kim! You captured Vicki so well in each photo :)
    It must have been such a wonderful opportunity to meet up with such a lovely lady!
    Have a beautiful day, girl!

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