Guest Post with Little Bird Lee

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hello Magpie Girl readers!

My name is Carley and I blog over at Little Bird Lee (I guess us bird girls have to stick together!) When Vicki contacted me about guest posting on her blog, I was so thrilled! I’ve been reading her blog since before I started blogging, and now she’s getting married!! I wish her and Dave all the best as they start a beautiful new adventure together.
LBLGuestPostFour LBLGuestPostSix 
A few weeks ago I was on holiday in the UK with my husband, and of course I did a bit of shopping. I had been into several Topshops in the two weeks we were away, but it wasn’t until our last full day in London that I went into the flagship store on Oxford Street. 
All throughout the shop are little ‘boutiques’ for different designers and vintage clothing. The bag in these photos immediately caught my eye, and I fell in love! I had been looking for a bag that would work as a second carry-on (I only brought a small backpack on the way there and needed some more space), but also be fit for every day use.
I wandered around the store with it, trying to decide if I wanted to invest in a slightly more expensive bag than any other bag I had ever purchased. I ended up finding the scarf pictured in the photos, as well, and a skirt that matches both - obviously it was meant to be!

LBLGuestPostSeven LBLGuestPostFive 

Overall, I would say that my shopping experience in the UK was very successful. Even if I didn’t purchase as much as I thought I would (or as much as I had saved for), I bought some great pieces that I absolutely love, which is the most important thing. 
Scarf: Peekaboo Vintage via Topshop
Dress: Gap (old)
Belt: vintage
Shoes: Baretraps via Shoe Warehouse
Bag: marc b via Topshop

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  1. I love your outfit and this bag is SO pretty!! xo

  2. I love the bag. I love the colour, shape and texture. I love a good browse in that Topshop. I'm heading to London in three weeks and I hope I can manage to have a good look around the store although it's probably not the best place to take my baby girl! x

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