My spring make up favourites...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

For me spring summer make up is all about easy & effortless. Sheer light coverage that doesn't make you feel caked in make up when its hot outside...well it is the UK so Ill settle for at least sunny outside. I know summer should be all about bronzers but being a (cough) fake redhead bronzed cheeks dont real suit me. Instead I opt for a cream blusher. My all time fav is this new No7 blush stick: Pop and Glow in Mango Sorbet. For powder I use Rimmel Stay Matte in peach glow all year round, its so affordable & the colour suits my skin tone perfectly.

Ive always been anti lip crayons until I saw Emma Stone advertising this Revlon matt orange shade on the tv advert and I knew I had to have it. I think it'll look great with a shimmery neutral eye using my all time favourite eyeshadow ever Stila Kitten and maybe a little bright orange in my hair too? I havent tried it yet but I cant wait to see the results of Coloursmash hair chalk in Tango Mango.

A new brand to me is Yves Rocher. Their volume vertige mascara is soooo good and my sister and I have become addicted to how long it makes our lashes look. Def a summer essential!
Last but not least Ive been loving pastel blue on my nails. Barry M in Blue Moon is a lovely sheer pearly blue that with a few coats is a strong cornflower blue colour.

What are your summer make up essentials? xx

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  1. Love the makeup items you picked out! I recently picked up some pink hair chalk from the Body Shop but not sure I'm feeling brave enough to use it yet. You'll have to let us know what the orange chalk is like. xo

  2. love the color tones/colors of the mu your picked, so perfect for spring.

  3. I love that Revlon matte orange shade! I've almost bought it three times in the last week but I decided I should wait until my next pay cheque. haha. I've already went a little crazy with nail polish this month.

  4. So interesting- I just saw a commercial for that say matte lip color from revlon! I am a matte lip color sort of gal so maybe I ought to give it a go! Alex

  5. I love the nail polish. It's such a pretty colour.
    I've been going bare faced a lot recently, the nice weather has made me want to get out of the house, and not stay in for an extra 10 minutes to do my face.
    Rubi x
    The Den

  6. The No. 7 blush stick looks lovely! I feel the same about summer and I'm a (cough) fake redhead too- bronzer doesn't suit me either
    Daniella x

  7. I am loving the stay matte range! The powder is one of my absolute must-have, can't live without it these days! x

  8. Love Revlon lip stains - I alternate between quite a lot of different lip products but Revlon lip stains are one of my favourites! Loving all the bright red and coral shades here x

  9. Lovely selection. My fave lipstick MAC in chatterbox, clinique blusher in innocent peach and maxfactor clump defy mascara keep me going throughout the spring/summer time. :) - Fashion & Beauty Blog

  10. That revlon lip pencil is definitely on my shopping list - bet that colour looks great on you too!

  11. i think the stila works it :)

  12. the colours are fantastic. i must buy orange lipstick.

  13. Cute picks! :) I'd love to get more Barry M -nailpolish, I think they're really nice quality and so cute shades too. ^^

    Indie by heart


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