Meet the pugs vlog....

Friday, March 28, 2014


So Ive been tempted to try and get into youtube videos a bit more recently... but was a little nervous about the idea of filming by myself (usually I film with my wee friend Maria). So I thought id rope in a few furry buddies to help be my mascots. I hope you guys like this little video meeting my three pugs wiggley, zippy & pudding.

Hope you guys like this! eek videoing yourself is way more nerve wracking than taking photos!
Please stop by my youtube channel and like and subscribe and if there are any videos you would like me to do please just say as I would really like to do more. :) xx

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  1. I loved this video, your pugs are so sweet! :)

  2. Oh my goodness! Vicki, I love this video!
    Your pugs are too cute for words (also, you look fabulous!)
    Thanks for introducing us to some of your family :)

  3. I kind of want to get into making some youtube videos too, I've only made a few.. and i think only 1 so far of me actually talking to the camera. But oh my, you pugs are adorable!! I really want one but they are hard to find.

  4. OH BOY OH BOY. I loved this! Stop it, woman, you're making me want to get a pug!

    Kirsten |

  5. Zippy is just so cute!! Love how pugs make that snuffly sound. I enjoyed watching the video :) Love your Irish accent.

  6. I adore pugs! Really cute video :) x